SEO Ranking Update of Google Algorithm

Are you confused as to what exactly a Google algorithm is? Well, it is an algorithm which is implemented by Google. In simple terms, Google uses an algorithm for ranking websites on the Internet. Algorithms are a type of programming language with several different categories which include search engine optimization (SEO), content, and Google PageRank. Let s discuss each of these areas briefly and then discuss what an algorithm is.

Google Algorithm

First, in order to truly understand what an algorithm is, lets take a look at what such algorithms are, in all honesty. In the terminology of computer programming, an algorithm is a program that solves a given problem by utilizing a finite set of steps. In the case of the Google search algorithm, Google uses a finite set of steps to rank websites. In essence, Google updates its search algorithm depending on how the user experience the website being ranked. In layman’s terms, Google updates its search algorithm according to what the users find most useful and informative.

As an example, say you are a web developer who has developed a website that shows a series of images and a video. You would probably be using a webmaster tools like sitemap. Google would most likely be using such tools to index your site to help Google see what other sites link to it. Thus, such tools serve as Google’s SEO tools.

Another way to look at Google Algorithm is in the context of SEO. In SEO, the algorithms which Google uses are also used for ranking a website. Thus, we can say that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an offshoot of the Google Algorithm. In Google’s eyes, the way your website rank in its niche or search engine results is important because that is how Google can provide relevant results for certain keywords.

In fact, there are four major updates in Google updates. The first one was the Panda update wherein Google eliminated the Panda algorithms which said that websites that have duplicate content will be penalized. This caused a big uproar among internet marketers since many claimed that this will make their rankings go down since they will be competing with websites that have the same content as their own. Nevertheless, Google stated that it has made an error in its ranking algorithm and only meant to update the definition of duplicate content. Hence, if you are affected by this change, don’t worry too much.

The second update is the Penguin update which Google removed the most effective link building methods. This caused a huge uproar among internet marketers because a lot of resources were lost when this rule was implemented. However, it is good to know that Google made an attempt to remedy this problem by introducing the so-called the quality scores. With the introduction of these scores, marketers will have a better understand on how their sites are ranked and which ones are given the highest importance. Another interesting thing about this update is that, besides removing the link building methods, Google also included new factors to be considered for better understand on how Google determines a site’s value.

The third major update in Google Algorithm is the flash component update. Google decided to remove this element from its search result pages because of the existence of websites that do not update their flash player frequently enough which greatly reduces the SEO ranking factors of such websites. If you are a website owner, make sure that you have updated your flash player as soon as there is an update by Google. Moreover, you should also update your other websites. Other than that, it is also a good idea to optimize your website for the flash formats if you haven’t already done so.

Fourth major update in Google Algorithm is the Panda update. This algorithm update introduced a new feature that Google calls the Panda algorithm, which aims to provide better results in search results. So, apart from removing the inappropriate or spammy webpages, Google tries to provide better results for certain keywords. In this respect, Google made two major changes in its algorithm, the Panda and Penguin update. Both these updates significantly affect the SEO Ranking of your website.