SEO News Publishers & Servers


SEO News Publishers & Servers

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an advanced subject that started in 1997 with the release of Google robot. Today, Google updates its algorithm and updates again every few months. Therefore, it is important for every website owner to keep himself abreast of SEO news as this can have a big impact on rankings. SEO can be divided into several subtopics:

How To Improve My Ranking. An SEO “expert” is someone professionally trained to increase your visibility in search engines using the latest SEO techniques. SEO training. Expertise in certain geographies and specific niches.

SEO Core Web Vitals. The core web vitals are title & meta description, H-tags, Alt text, Meta keywords & key phrases, title tag, image & image alt tags etc. To make full use of these core web vitals, it is best to have them included in your header. Many web developers & optimizers ignore these core web vitals and use only H-tags and Alt tags. This has negative impact on SEO results.

SEO News. Search engine optimisers and SEO gurus are forever on a look out for the latest SEO news. They subscribe to RSS feeds of popular SEO websites, e-zines and blogs to receive updated SEO news and updates. If you are an active member of an SEO community, you may also want to update your profile and other information frequently, so that it appears in Google & Yahoo search results.

Google AMP. Google AMP (Google Advanced Media Platform) is a new service from Google, which enables publishers to publish high quality video and audio content to their sites across the internet. Publishers can also add Google Map and Google Transit directions to their published videos, and have the content delivered to the top 10 Google results for their target keywords.

Webmasters Portal. Another popular tool for website owners is Web Masters Portal. Web Masters Portal provides SEO professionals with important information such as website traffic, page rank, link popularity and other related data. Webmasters Portal is an excellent tool for finding new website partners, submitting existing SEO links to higher ranking search engines and locating old websites with low page rank. Webmasters Portal is also an excellent way for website owners to find out about search engine algorithm changes and how to use them to their advantage.

Mozcast. Mozcast is a fantastic way for site owners to stay on top of SEO news. Mozcast is an online radio station that continuously provides relevant SEO articles and tips. There are two ways to subscribe: through the website or through their iTunes account. Subscribers receive instant news tips, podcasts, and audio clips in both formats.

Apps. SEO apps are useful for both web pages and mobile devices. SEO Apps provides SEO pros with a great way to manage multiple sites, monitor the progress of SEO on different platforms and track keyword and link data from any device. There are a number of SEO apps available, including: Google Analytics, Optin Revolver, SEO Mobile, Google Maps, Google Slurp, Google Translate and many more.

SEO news publishers. SEO news publishers can be helpful to website owners, web designers and web marketers. SEO news publishing services to help webmasters find and publish important SEO articles and other information to the Internet. SEO news publishing services also include SEO proofreading, copyediting, and writing.

SEO fact checkers. SEO fact checkers analyze any web page structured data and determine whether it contains valid SEO keywords or not. They check if the selected keywords appear more than once in the body text, title and Meta tags, and whether the SEO keywords are pronounced correctly (capitalize, hyphen, etc.) Besides, they also check if the URL structure is correctly, the content has been edited and is keyword appropriate, and the website is correctly tagged. If the SEO facts checker finds errors, he/she suggests corrections that the client can accept or reject.

SEO passage indexing tool. SEO passage indexing tool helps a webmaster analyze the SEO keywords in the incoming links for each page in the website. It uses special algorithms to identify the links. The tool then analyzes each link to determine how popular each link is and how it influences the search results.

SEO article submission. An SEO article submission service provider submits articles related to the topic of the website to article directories. These articles are submitted to different directories, so as to reach various websites on the Internet. When an article is properly written, it will be listed in the merchant center. The article may also be included in website titles so as to get high search results.