SEO News – August 2012 Update


SEO News – August 2012 Update

SEO refers to the technical application of enhancing the quantity and quality of web site traffic through the net via optimized content. SEO is a key element of any online digital marketing strategy and entails the various strategies, tactics and methods implemented to improve the volume of web site visitors (visitors) to a particular site by achieving a high-place in the SERPs search results page. An SEO consultant provides proven best practice and methodologies of online marketing strategies to help clients achieve the marketing objectives. The benefits of SEO can be realized through increased online visibility which translates into higher conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be broadly categorized into two areas, content-based and keyword-based SEO. Content-based SEO, also called contextual SEO, concentrates on optimizing content in relation to keywords. It makes use of meta tags, headers, titles, images and other forms of content management that improves the rankings of websites according to specific keyword phrases. Keyword-based SEO, on the other hand, makes use of highly targeted keyword phrases for better search results rankings.

The most important aspect of content-based SEO lies in the use of relevant keywords in the content of the website. Keyword selection is a crucial SEO technique. For this, internet users have to browse through search results to arrive at the pages that contain the keywords. The title tags, which are found in the header and title area of each page, have to be highly relevant to the topic or theme of the site. The keywords should be highly optimized in the title tags as well as throughout the entire web page text.

Search engine ranking determines the visibility of a website on the internet, and the position it occupies in search results. The higher the position the more visitors the site attracts, which leads to increased sales and organic growth in ranking. SEO services provide ways of improving the visibility of websites and in turn, improve their rankings. SEO can benefit both established and start-up companies.

Google SEO, also known as Google juice, is one of the most widely used SEO techniques. Google juice SEO uses highly optimized keywords in links to external sites that Google indexes using algorithms. External links are extremely beneficial for increasing a site’s rankings in search results. Google Juice SEO uses several different types of Alt Text in addition to using highly optimized keywords. The keywords can be seen in the Alt Text of the Google link.

One of the best SEO strategies is producing high quality and relevant original press releases. SEO companies publish original press releases related to their clients’ products and/or services on their Internet sites and newsletters. These releases are distributed to various news and business directories. The SEO news release is usually picked up by various news sources that feature news, business tips, product updates and other advice for the consumer. This type of SEO news article is picked up by other web sites that feature consumer advice and news.

Google has taken notice of some of the many search engine optimization services such as Google+ local, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook fan pages, Wikipedia and Squidoo, and has taken measures to implement these services into its ranking algorithm. Google is now using two major tools, YouTube and apple Maps, as part of its strategy to provide search results that are more natural and have less artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to see how Google, and especially Google+ local, evolve in the future.

The emergence of Google’s social network and Google+. Further, Google has made aggressive moves to integrate the services of third party organizations into its own suite of programs. All these factors combine to create a highly competitive environment for SEO companies. Companies should stay ahead of the game by using proven methods and staying abreast of the latest trends.