SEO News 2.0 – Make Your SEO Experience As Enjoyable As Possible


SEO News 2.0 – Make Your SEO Experience As Enjoyable As Possible

August was a busy month for SEO with many major changes happening across the globe on almost an hourly basis. The big one being the Google update. Google has introduced new ranking systems to be used by internet users. They are called Google Panda and Google Penguin. This update has caused many SEO specialists to scramble and make adjustments to their websites.

Google made significant changes to how they display page names in the natural search results, especially for the first three pages of search results. Google has also made changes to how they calculate page ranking and how they assign keywords to each page. But that is not all that took place this month. There was also a lot of SEO news from August 2021.

A new feature that has been getting a lot of attention is the introduction of apple maps on Google. It is very similar to Google Maps, but has been given a nice design and added features to make using it more convenient and user friendly. One such useful addition to the user experience is the route calculator. With the help of the calculator you can see how long it will take your SEO efforts to bring you a certain page to the top of the search engine rankings. You can also view it in real time to make sure you achieve the top rankings you want.

Another important change is in the area of page titles and headings. These are the main SEO factors that determine whether or not a page is successful in driving traffic towards it. Google has decided to stop displaying affiliate links in the text of webpages that result in search results, instead they are now only showing page titles and headings.

The above changes are just some of the things that have been discussed in the SEO community since July. As mentioned above, the changes were prompted by the need to improve the user experience in Google. To remedy this problem, Google introduced three new ranking algorithms that were meant to do away with the spam. These algorithms were designed to provide better search experience for users. Now we know that these three new features work to provide better page experience for searchers.

SEO News We all would be aware of the SEO news that spread across the world just a few months back. People were confused as to what exactly the change was intended to solve. However, it was soon clear that one of the major changes is that Google will no longer display affiliate links in website meta-tags and page titles. Instead of doing so, it is likely that Google will start using the names of the videos found in YouTube as page names instead. Another change is that Google will now also show search results for videos posted in YouTube and Vimeo. All of us are quite aware of the fact that Google is considering changing the way videos are ranked by the search engines.

SEO News 2.0 SEO news tells us that Google has implemented two major updates into its ranking system. The first is the Panda update wherein websites were penalized for duplicate content. The second major update is the Penguin update which reduced the authority of websites that used unethical SEO techniques. SEO experts are speculating whether Google might move towards banning or severely penalizing the use of Black Hat SEO techniques in future. Google did not immediately provide any comment on this matter.

SEO Loading Speed The SEO community was very excited about the announcement of loading speed cap. With this feature, Google is aiming at improving the page experience for searchers. Now, it is possible that if a user hits your home page, the loading speed of the entire web page will be faster than the actual load time taken by the visitor if he visited the homepage at random. This will surely help SEO enthusiasts to rank for highly competitive keywords like the ones used by movie studios in their television shows, newspapers and magazines.