SEO Myths Busted

SEO stands for search Engine Optimization. Which is simply the art of ranking highly in a search Engine for a particular keyword and also called the organic listings. SEO is generally the process of optimising your web content so that a search Engine likes to display it as a high result for queries of a particular keyword.

SEO does come with its fair share of controversy and confusion. If you have spent any time researching SEO in any depth, you will probably be aware of just how much ‘fact’ there is out there on this subject. In order to make things easier for yourself I have compiled a list of the most popular myths. These are definitely not my own opinions, but are based on the work I have done in regards to SEO over the years. Feel free to add or ignore as you see fit. This is by no means exhaustive, but should help you decide if SEO is right for you.

SEO Does Not Exist: This is one of the biggest SEO myths around. The main problem with this one is that there are so many SEO companies out there it is very difficult to determine which ones actually deliver results. This is because SEO can change from one market to another very quickly. Some SEO companies focus on certain niches such as insurance or small business, whereas others focus on more niche markets such as dog training. As you can see this can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing a SEO company to work with.

SEO Doesn’t Work: In order to see real SEO results you need to follow certain trends within the field. Unfortunately there are no set trends in SEO these days. SEO trends are mainly determined by the search engine’s algorithm, but everything is fluid and up for interpretation. This means you need to be very keen to what the search engines are doing.

You Can’t Get Away With Using White Hat SEO: This is a major myth and why so many people still think it works. The problem with white hat SEO is that it relies solely on the quality of the links that your site receives. What this means is that if you get lots of inbound links, but your site is of poor quality, the search engines will not rate your site highly. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are getting lots of quality inbound links, and building good relationships with the search engines.

Getting Traffic is Easy: This is another big SEO myth. In actual fact getting traffic from the search engines is harder than getting it from other sources. The search engines will check your site for quality and crawl your site more frequently. However, this will take time and there are other elements you need to work on to get your site ranking high. For example, making sure you have good keyword terms in your content is vital, as well as using relevant titles to your page content, meta tags and external links. If you put a lot of effort and focus into SEO, you will see results but it will take time.

Paying For Traffic Is Necessary: This is another SEO myth that persists because most people have the wrong idea in the first place. SEO does not cost money to hire a company to do it for you. SEO is much more labour intensive than any traditional marketing technique and therefore it is much more expensive. However, if done correctly, it can have a massive effect on your search engines results and you should always aim to hire a professional SEO agency if you need to hire one.

SEO Is Hard And Doesn’t Take Long: This is yet another SEO myth. In fact, it can all be laid simply. SEO takes time to implement and it is only through repeated implementation that it becomes noticeable. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert in SEO. Instead, stick to simple SEO techniques and it will gradually grow on you over time. SEO works if you are prepared to put in the time.