SEO Audits – Why You Need Them

SEO Audit

SEO Audits – Why You Need Them

What is an SEO Audit? SEO audit is a process of examining how well your internet presence relates to current best practices – it’s the beginning to a successful implementation strategy that is bound to produce measurable results sooner than later. This is often a joint effort between your SEO and marketing departments. The objective is to ensure that your internet presence gives your website visitors the information they need when navigating your site.

What to look for in an SEO audit? Keyword research plays an important role in this on-page audit. A comprehensive keyword analysis provides insight into your competition, as well as how your competitors are structuring their websites to be most effectively received by search engines. A keyword research tool should provide you with a comprehensive list of keywords related to your industry, and the number of searches for each keyword is receiving. You’ll also want to examine the number of links that point to your website from the various search engine results pages, as well as the number of sites linking to your site.

SEO Metrics: To understand your ROI you must compare your ranking to your competitors. Various reports can be analyzed to compare how well you are performing based on specific criteria. Some reports can break down by page rank, other reports can break down by domain and location. The most complete keyword research tool should provide detailed reports on all of the metrics that were analyzed.

A keyword research tool is only part of the SEO audit tool. A comprehensive website audit tool should provide several other metrics. These include but are not limited to, link analysis reports, internal and external link analysis reports, URL rewriting reports, and Meta tags and codes reporting. All of these reports should give you a clear picture of your progress and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals in the search engine industry.

Link Analysis: You need to look at the number and quality of links associated with your website. A comprehensive seo audit tool should provide reports on the quality of links, both natural and artificial. Also, the quality of links to your site can be determined by how authoritative (or authoritative) the source is. Links from authoritative sites generally pass the Page Rank test (this test is conducted by Google) and are considered to be more valuable.

Internal and External Metrics: Just as important as the reports provided by the website grader tool, you need to analyze your own progress in search engine optimization. A comprehensive tool should provide several different metrics. These include but are not limited to, link analysis reports, site statistics, organic ranking reports and search engine ranking reports. This type of tool should also provide several different reports in a format that you can easily read and understand. The reports provided by a search engine optimization tool should show the current status of your efforts, as well as future goals that are still achievable. Ideally, the tool should provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign, including its current state and what needs to be done to achieve success in the future.

Consistency: A search engine optimization tool should be able to generate comparable reports for you based on several different metrics. A tool that reports to you monthly should show you what your position is, year-over-year, and in total. Similarly, if you go to a website grader, the tool should be able to show you what your position was one month, one year, and two years ago. To make sure that you are getting a complete picture of your own ranking progress, the tool you use should allow you to compare yourself to a range of different metrics.

SEO audits will most likely include several different components. Ideally, these components should be conducted by someone who is well experienced in SEO. This ensures that you have someone looking out for your best interests, and that they do not miss anything that might affect your rankings. SEO audits need to be properly executed in order to achieve the desired results, so make sure that you spend time doing them properly. The best audits will identify areas that need improvement, and use the information gathered to improve your website and increase your page rankings. With proper execution, an effective SEO audit can give you the results you want.