SEO Audit – Keyword and Page Optimization

SEO Audit

SEO Audit – Keyword and Page Optimization

The importance of SEO audits cannot be understated. SEO is an ongoing activity and a long term investment, and every year we see many companies failing at their SEO due to lack of knowledge and commitment. The result is bad press for the company and bad press for the SEO. So what is the result of a poor SEO audit? In most cases bad press, or even worse – bad publicity.

It is no wonder that a large number of SEO Consultants choose to outsource their search engine optimization work to professional auditors. Most SEO experts understand the importance of organic search results and know how important it is to generate high quality organic traffic. Unfortunately, there are few SEO firms which focus solely on organic search results, and even fewer which provide all round web marketing services. So if you want to achieve real organic growth and avoid being ‘caught out’ with negative publicity, then it makes sense to go with a specialist SEO firm who audits your website comprehensively.

Organic search results are the result of ‘organic’ keyword searches, i.e. searches carried out by Internet users, rather than by search engine spiders. Organic rankings give you the real opportunity to dominate your competition.

SEO works on user intent. User intent is why a user is performing a particular action within a site. Keywords are used in SEO to deliver targeted results based on user intent. But just because a keyword appears in a SEO report, or is one of the top ranking keywords on Google doesn’t mean that a user intent is being fulfilled. To understand this you need to understand user intent – or the true purpose of a search result – and then use this understanding to improve your SEO rankings.

In order to understand user intent, it helps to look at how search engine ranking factors are determined. These include but are not limited to, meta tags, title and H-tags, ALT tags and density. Meta tags and H-tags have their own meaning and impact within the search engine ranking factors.

If we look at the relationship between meta tag and H-tag importance, it’s easy to see that they have a profound effect on ranking. The key to improving your SEO position is to make sure you understand how to craft your meta-tags so that they have no negative effect. A good SEO consultant will always be aware of the importance of improving your meta-tags position. This can be done by creating a well-crafted meta description which provides valuable information to the user, an effective anchor text and a relevant density.

An important factor in the ranking is the quality of your anchor text. Keyword research shows that anchor text has a bigger impact on search engine optimization than any other factor. An effective anchor text is one that grabs the user’s attention, suggests what the page is about and draws the user into reading more. Anchor text usually consists of one or more keywords with relevant numbers and letters in the tag, e.g., “about”. Some SEO consultants like to combine different keywords for better optimization.

Pay per click is an additional way to optimize your web pages and your online marketing strategy. Pay per click campaigns can be set up to target specific geographic regions and also to specific keywords. Google AdWords is the leading PPC advertising program. To get a low cost campaign set up it is recommended that you join an affiliate program and bid on keywords in your niche. After you bid on a keyword your website will show up in the search engines sponsored results where other advertisers will pay you to advertise on your site.