SEO Audit: Key Factors To Consider

SEO Audit

SEO Audit: Key Factors To Consider

What is an SEO Audit and why does one need one? An SEO audit determines the health of a website and in so doing, prevents spam as well as makes suggestions on how to further optimize it. SEO audits are extremely important for several reasons, the least of which being because Google constantly changes their algorithm based on new technologies and new search habits. As such, it is important that companies who employ these techniques know how to stay on top of the game.

The SEO team should include all of the aforementioned tools in order to conduct successful search engine optimization. They should include metrics that measure page optimization such as hit and bounce rates, search engine rankings and organic traffic. Having the ability to monitor these numbers on a regular basis will allow you to make sure that all of your efforts are working and that there are no obvious problems with your optimization.

Another important aspect of an SEO audit is keyword research. Proper keyword research is important because this is what allows you to target your audience specifically. In addition to finding targeted keywords that your customers are using, it is also crucial to find words within your competition that are underused. By researching your competition, you can see what words they are targeting and how often, enabling you to create content that is specifically tailored towards their audience.

Keyword analytics reports will also help you to determine where your competitors are getting their backlinks. Backlinks are important to gaining rankings with the major search engines. By seeing which sites are getting the most attention from your competition you can quickly tailor your own websites and ad campaigns to gain a dominant foothold in your particular industry. It is important that you take a close look at competitor’s rankings and report back to your marketing team with the desired goals in mind.

The final part of an SEO audit involves linking analysis. Link analysis tools can be used to discover where your competition is getting their backlinks. These reports can reveal what sites your competition are linking to, where they are linking to and the anchor text used. This valuable information is vital to improving your search engine rankings. By pinpointing your competitors backlinks and determining why they are linking to certain sites you can easily adjust your own links and your own anchor text to gain a competitive advantage.

As mentioned previously, SEO audits utilize several different analytics programs to ensure your success. Among the most popular analytics available are Google Analytics and Yahoo Page Rank. Google and Yahoo both offer comprehensive reports on their services that are easy to use and understand. Both analytics programs provide excellent tracking, reporting and analyzing abilities and will prove invaluable to your SEO audit.

If you choose to go with a third party SEO service to analyze and audit your site you should be aware that there are pros and cons to this strategy. If you choose a service that offers the full package, you are likely to receive the highest quality services at the most reasonable prices. However, the downside to using a third party service is that you may not receive the level of service that you would get from a professional. If you aren’t comfortable with monitoring and analyzing your digital marketing campaign through third party eyes then you should probably consider hiring a full service SEO company to handle this process for you. You should only use an audit tool with a reputable SEO firm and perform regular updates to make sure your site is still performing at top notch.

Another great analytical tool to analyze your SEO efforts is the Content Integrity Tool. This tool is designed to identify problems such as duplicate content, inaccurate meta descriptions and invalid meta tags. It provides a simple solution to the problem of duplicate content, making it easier to determine which articles should be included on your site versus those that should be deleted. By eliminating duplicate content this will decrease your bounce rate and increase your search engine rankings.