SEO Audit for Your Local Business

You know when you invest time and money on your website to get it to where you need it, but maybe you aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for? The answer for your problems is usually an SEO audit. SEO audits will improve your website s search engine ranking, bring more traffic, leads, and sales to your business. Before you embark on a SEO audit, there are several things you need to consider and to do before the audit is initiated.

SEO Audit

There are certain keywords or phrases you should always optimize for. Keywords and phrases are critical SEO to the success of your website. In order for search engine optimization to be successful, you must always target your keyword or phrase in each of your web pages content. Your title should also contain the targeted keyword. This will ensure your target keyword is displayed at the top of the first page in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

When you are ready to embark on a SEO audit, do your due diligence. Start by looking over your entire website. See how the content relates to the keywords you chose, which links are effective, which anchor text you have on each page, and what color schemes and graphics would best promote you brand. With an SEO audit, you can optimize your entire web site, not just your main keyword site.

To begin your SEO audit, ask yourself the following questions: Who is my ideal customer? What is my market share? How will I find my ideal customer and reach them? How will I find my ideal market and make my customers a priority? These are very simple questions to ask to help you understand who you are competing against and what your goals are for your SEO website. You will also need to determine which search engine optimization methods will help you achieve these goals.

As you analyze the information you have gathered, see if your current SEO company’s scheme of attack is working for your business or not. You will want to stay away from a SEO company that recommends a new scheme just to improve rankings. You will want to learn about what strategies their current customers are using to achieve first page rankings. If your SEO company isn’t disclosing this information, it may be time to switch and find an SEO company that will tell you about your competitors strategy.

Another important area to look at when evaluating a SEO audit is how they treat links. Many companies only concentrate on internal links which can have great benefits, but this can work against you. If a web pages link has been submitted to a directory and your company has used the same directory as your competitors, there is no reason why your links will not have the same effect on the search engine results. The links in your scheme should include anchor text which can be used to convince Google that the content on that site is credible enough to rank highly for that keyword.

In conclusion, you must first focus on analyzing your current SEO company’s methods and make sure that they are meeting your business’s needs. If you feel like they are dragging their feet on too many tasks, it may be time to move on and find another provider. If you do decide to move on, make sure that you still follow a few basic rules for search engine optimization. On-page optimization involves techniques that are used to get higher search engine ranking rankings. These techniques may include proper keyword analysis, local business optimization, link popularity and on-page optimization. By implementing these techniques you will see your website get better rankings and start to increase traffic.

Lastly, be sure to take time to analyze the link structure of each of your pages to determine how your links perform when connected. You want your links to connect with one another in order to build the best SEO network possible. You also need to make sure that each page is optimized in its own right and does not suffer from link saturation. If you put off SEO until the last minute, you are likely to find yourself being punished by search engines because your competitors are already ranking well. If you do not take time to implement SEO, you may find your business will never achieve the success you desire.