SEO Audit

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

You already know when you invest time and money developing your website to where you’d like it, only to see it nowhere near where you’d like it to be, yet you’re still not seeing the results you’d like? Perhaps the answer to your problems is an SEO audit. SEO audits will raise your website s search engine rankings so you attract more visitors, leads, and sales. Here’s what an SEO audit really does for your website:

A website audit gives you a thorough overview of your website. It lets you know exactly what it lacks, where it’s lacking, and how to improve on it. A webmasters needs to have a complete understanding of what their websites lack and what is missing. By getting an in depth look at your web pages and how they perform in search rankings, you’ll quickly see areas you need to improve. For example, an SEO audit can reveal broken links, missing keywords, missing alt tags, incorrect file names, misspelled files, and other errors. All of this adds up to poor search rankings which are obviously bad for business.

Another great thing about an audit is that it provides a deep technical first inspection of your websites code. A complete analysis of your code from the URL structure through tags, headings, keywords, files, links, and code that creates your web pages reveals if there are any weaknesses that can negatively affect your search engine rankings. These weaknesses can greatly reduce your conversion rates due to people having to wade through broken links or unable to use your features. An SEO audit will detect all potential weaknesses so you can fix them before you even have a chance to realize the consequences.

An important aspect of SEO is site speed. The search engines have very strict requirements on how long a site should take to load. This has been an issue for years with many companies that use flash as one of their web design elements because they have to make sure a page is not overloaded with flash elements. A major problem with site speed is the fact that it affects search rankings. A complete HTML validation checker will ensure your website loads fast so you achieve top search rankings which are necessary for success.

The last major issue for SEO is link building. Link building is often the longest and most frustrating aspect of SEO. Many companies focus on link popularity but ignore the quality of links which ultimately affect their rankings. A comprehensive website audit will identify all problems associated with links including duplicate content, links to blacklisted sites, links to low quality websites, and poorly positioned anchor text links. These problems can result in poor search engine rankings and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Another aspect of SEO is social proof. If a customer is satisfied with your service or product then they are more likely to return to your web pages and be more likely to purchase through your entire catalogue. SEO is about creating a positive image for your company so if your web pages lack social proof or fail to drive customers to each and every page then you will struggle to retain visitors. A complete analysis will look into every element of your website to identify where you are doing well and where you need to improve so you can achieve high rankings and achieve high web traffic.

Meta descriptions are also an important factor in SEO. If you do not use meta descriptions on every page with your web pages you may be missing out on some valuable backlinks which could boost your search engine rankings. Search engines will use the meta description in order to ascertain what keywords are contained within the content of your website. A complete SEO audit will look into every element of the meta description to identify where you are currently falling short and to develop a strategy to make improvements where necessary.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about improving your links; it’s about improving the text content that describes links to pages on your website. Meta descriptions are used for this purpose. SEO Audit will look at all aspects of your web design from titles to meta descriptions. It will identify any gaps in the text that could be causing SEO to miss opportunities or to penalise your site due to a text error. An SEO audit will also identify any gaps in the wording of your web pages that could be causing SEO to misspell words or to use screaming frog spiders where none exist.