SEO 101 – Getting the Basics Right

SEO 101 is a tutorial which teaches you one of the key skills in SEO: proper keyword selection. This is the process through which you select your main keywords which will act as the anchor texts for your web pages. Your page content and links should be optimized for the chosen keywords. There are different ways of choosing keywords and you must master them before you move on to the next step. It is very important that you select the right keywords and that they help your web pages to perform better on Google search engine.

In SEO 101, you will learn the importance of keyword research and how to approach this in your online marketing campaign. Keyword research is the first and foremost strategy when it comes to internet marketing. It is only with good keyword research that you can achieve the desired position for your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are several strategies and techniques involved in keyword research and you must master them before you proceed any further. One of the strategies is by using competitor research.

The other strategy is to use on-page SEO strategies which will further help you in ranking your web pages in SERPs. SEO stands for search engine optimization and here you will learn about the importance of SEO techniques in internet marketing. These SEO strategies include pay per click advertising, article submission, directory submission and blogging. These SEO techniques have been tested and proven to work and you can also learn about them in SEO 101.

Next on the list is conversion rate optimization or CRO for short. The most common mistake committed by beginners is that they do not pay enough attention to this vital aspect of online resources. If you want to achieve success online, you must ensure that you are ranking well for your keywords. This requires a lot of research and analysis of keywords and you cannot afford to make any mistakes at this stage. There are many SEO companies and experts who offer a tutorial on how to achieve good rankings on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo but it is very important that you follow what they are saying and understand their methods completely before you proceed any further.

Another very important SEO technique is meta description. The content or body of any resource is called Meta description. This is very important because the search engines such as Google use this particular area to determine the relevance of your web pages to the keywords given. The content of the Meta Description is very important and if you do not take adequate care of it, then you will find out that your site is not found by potential customers. There are some free online resources that offer tutorial on Meta Description, so look them up and know more about it. If you want to be in the competitive market, then you must make sure that you do not make any blunders in this area.

One important technique is off-page optimization, which means optimizing the internal pages such as headers, alt image links and footer. This is also known as web content optimization. You should use good keywords on your headers and other headers, so that the search engine spiders can index those areas properly. It is very important that you follow the guidelines set by the search engines for proper on-page optimization and if you don’t then you will find that your site is not indexed.

Another very important SEO technique is keyword research, which means learning how to identify the relevant keyword for each web page. Keyword research is one of the main aspects of search engine optimization and there are many software tools available that provide excellent assistance in this regard. If you don’t perform proper keyword research, then your site may never make it to the top ranks of the search results. The result of poor keyword research can be disastrous for your business and the reason why it is so important for SEO professionals to understand this is because they perform a vital part of their work.

You see, keywords are just words that a person might put into an address bar in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, and these words describe your site. In order to rank well for these keywords, you need to learn what these words are and how they should be used in your site. Keyword research is not an easy thing to master, but if you do your homework properly, you should be able to figure it out eventually. However, there are a lot of people who cannot do this effectively and as a result their websites never make it to the top rankings of search engines. It is therefore imperative that you become a master at keyword research in order to master the fundamentals of SEO. Once you have the fundamentals of SEO in place, then you should concentrate on implementing the rest of the basics for SEO marketing.