Search Engine Optimization – What is SEO? How Does It Help Me?

SEO has been one of the most lucrative Internet marketing strategies for many years, but with the recent Google pannel change, SEO is no longer as simple as it used to be. As the popular saying goes, “Anything old is new again.” To understand how fast certain SEO trends are changing, here is an overview of some of the major changes found at the onset of this year (so far!!!) :

Google News: Google News now includes a news category for all major news sites, including Google Finance, Google Chrome, Google+ Local, Google Earth, Wikipedia, Grist, and more. Google News has a great functionality for content marketers because they can instantly tell by looking at their news site what keywords are in the content on their competitor’s site and build a backlink profile around those keywords. As Google continues to innovate and push the boundaries of content and site structure, we’ll continue to see these changes. For example, Google recently launched Google+ Local, which allow users in the area you are located in to share your posts with the rest of your Google+ circles, based on who you are actually connecting with. It’s a fresh approach to social engagement and may be worth looking into if your business utilizes social media to build your brand.

Google+ Local: This new feature enables you to show more information about yourself in your Google+ circles, as well as connect with more people in your local area. Like Google News, it lets you analyze search results for your key terms and provides rich formatting that makes it easy to format your posts and pages for content. You can also use Google+ Local as a resource box to attract potential customers to visit your websites. Google’s social search features will enable you to easily find and reconnect with other websites in your niche when someone performs a local search using your business name or area.

Web CEO: Google has released several major updates to its core search engine functions. SEO basics such as keyword relevancy and website loading speed have been updated and will allow you to optimize your sites for the specific audience you want. Keywords and image tags are no longer ignored in the ranking algorithms. Web CEO provides a SEO community with important tools to help you manage your websites. It even includes an advanced link building tool, a comprehensive directory of links and important meta tags information.

Google Page Creator: Google Page Creator is a fantastic online software product that enables you to make an amazing number of different websites, one of which is guaranteed to rank very highly in Google’s search engine. With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to make an SEO friendly landing page. If you know how to use Page Creator, you’ll be able to build SEO friendly pages that get excellent traffic. If you’re not familiar with SEO at all, this is a great way to learn without putting out a huge amount of money.

On-Page SEO: Google’s on-page seo efforts have improved greatly over the past year. Now, it ranks websites according to their SERPs (Search Engine Result Position). SERPs are usually determined by various factors, including the amount of content on a website, backlinks from other sites, and links from other websites. On-page SEO still has a long way to go but getting the basics right will help you improve your SERPs and help you get more visitors. You should consider using on-page seo strategies such as proper keyword research and using proper meta tags and descriptions.

Google E-A-T: Google has recently announced a new ranking system called Google E-A-T. This ranking update changes the way websites are ranked on Google and will determine how websites are displayed in the SERPs. The biggest change is that websites that aren’t updated correctly won’t be indexed by Google anytime soon.

Off-Page SEO: One of the most popular ways for webmasters to boost their off-page SEO is through social media and article marketing. Social media allows webmasters to interact with their users in a more natural and organized way, while articles allow them to present fresh content and provide relevant information. Both of these methods should be used in tandem with off-page seo techniques, as they can significantly improve your website’s rankings in the search engines. The best SEO practices are ones that focus on quality content and link building, so make sure that you follow the tips above to improve your website’s rankings.