Retaining Customers and Building Brand Equity

Increasing the retention rate is an important metric for most mobile marketers and a key ingredient of customer lifetime value (LTV) for Facebook. The most effective way to retain people in your application is to develop a superior user experience, but how do you increase retention without ruining your apps? If you provide value to your customers and provide them with options that enhance their experience, retention will increase. Here are some ways that you can follow up to increase retention:

increase retention

Improve customer retention by following up. The biggest obstacle holding mobile CRM development back is the lack of a standardized follow up system. Each customer has different needs and expectations, so it’s important that you follow up on what those needs and expectations are. One of the best methods for doing this is to provide the option for users to provide feedback directly. This includes everything from a brief questionnaire to detailed notes.

Implement a social media presence and encourage your customers to share their experiences with others. Social media provides a number of opportunities to increase retention. It also allows you to reach millions of users instantly across the globe. For more information on implementing a social media presence and encouraging customers to share their experience with others, contact a social media agency today. They can offer you expert advice on what media strategies are right for your business.

Utilize user onboarding to increase retention. User onboarding gives users an opportunity to learn more about your product before they download or purchase it. With proper onboarding, you provide value right from the start and increase retention. A great example of a useful onboarding process is the ability to give your potential customers training right from the beginning. You can teach them how to properly use your product.

Create special discounts to remind your customers why they chose to buy from you in the first place. By offering special discounts, free items or even access to a free trial, you provide the opportunity for users to provide feedback that can influence their decision-making. Special discounts can motivate people to provide positive feedback. Furthermore, offering special discounts or freebies encourages users to share their experiences with others.

Use contests and other incentives to increase retention. Companies have been successful because they offer consumers opportunities to win great prizes. These prizes serve to increase retention because customers have a sense of urgency to win the prize. The same goes for contests and other incentives. If you want to increase retention, offer coupons, freebies or even contests.

Be sure to train all of your employees before you hold a special event. If you are holding a training session, provide it at the start of each quarter or every other week to ensure that your employees know what is expected of them and what will help increase customer retention. Employees who know what to expect, and more importantly, how to act when they meet customer needs, are more likely to provide excellent service. This will motivate them to work harder, and increase customer retention rates.

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do to increase customer loyalty and retention. Using social media is a great way to do this. Social media allows you to reach out to customers on a different level, while still maintaining control over how that interaction is portrayed. Additionally, the interactive nature of the internet provides a platform where you can reach out to a large number of customers without spending more money than you have to. The best thing about using social media to market your business is that you can interact with your customers on a personal level. When you follow these tips, you will find that retaining customers and building brand equity will be much easier than you ever thought possible.