Organic Search Engine Optimization (OSO)

You already know when you invest time and cash into your website for it to where you need it, but maybe you’re not seeing the results that you’d like? Maybe you think that spending a few hundred dollars on a search engine optimization firm’s services isn’t enough. The truth is that hiring search engine optimization professionals who specialize in optimizing your websites is the best way to ensure that your website appears near the top of the search results pages each month. SEO audits will significantly increase your website s search engine results rankings to bring in more traffic, leads, and business.

SEO Audit

Many companies make the mistake of investing lots of money into a website audit with little regard to whether the changes made will have a beneficial effect on the company’s bottom line. Some SEO experts believe that investing in a website audit is unnecessary because there is no way of knowing how well the changes implemented are going to do. The other side of the argument states that investing in a search engine optimization company is the only way to guarantee success. They assert that if an SEO expert doesn’t include the necessary metrics, then it isn’t going to matter how much money you spent on the audit because you will not be receiving the results you desire. SEO professionals disagree with this argument because there has never been a study conducted that demonstrates that there is a correlation between the amount of money an SEO expert spends and the eventual number of sales, hits, or subscribers that he or she garners. If there was a correlation, there would be thousands of people claiming that they saw immediate sales, hits, or subscribers, and yet there is no relationship between the two.

Even though there are a lot of different opinions about whether or not investing in an SEO firm will be worth the investment, the main question remains: “Is an SEO audit really necessary?” The main concern that people have when they talk about how to make their site more appealing to search engines is the site speed. People want their sites to load up quickly and not freeze up on them. The concern also goes beyond just how long it takes for a page to load when the page is visited by a search engine.

The main concern about site speed revolves around the HTML validation checker. What happens when you use a HTML validator for your website? Search engines run HTML Validations to check if there are any inconsistencies in the website’s coding. These violations can cost a person’s search rankings in the ranking system. By running an HTML validation checker on the website, search engines are saying that these web pages are legitimate and they match the standards of other websites in terms of how they are written. If there are inconsistencies in the HTML code, the search engine has to deem that it is not possible for the website to follow what other websites are using as guidelines.

A good SEO audit should also take a look at the site’s linking structure. Search engines are focusing on links because this is one of the main ways they determine how important a website is to the search engine user. If the site has a poor linking structure, the engine is not going to think it is relevant to the user and the SEO audit will be considered useless. It will be a waste of time for the search engine user to boost technical first page rankings if the website does not follow what the search engines are demanding.

Another area which SEO audit focuses on is making sure that every page has a social proof scheme. Search engines are saying that if a website has links from every page on the Internet, then it is credible enough to be listed on the first page of the SERPs. The social proof scheme is the one that is used to convince the user that the content in every page of the website is indeed true and genuine. If the pages have links from other websites, then the user will feel more comfortable with the idea of the content of the web pages.

There are a number of ways which a search engine can determine whether a page is valid or not. Some of the popular ones include checking out the site’s Meta Description and Title tags, the site’s ALT tags and also the site’s URL. A good SEO audit should also check out the site’s image tags. Every image tag on the web page should have the required alt image tag and it should be contained within the body of text.

The last thing which the organic SEO audit checks on is the use of meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are used to give information about the content of a web page. They tell the search engine what the web page is about as well as what keywords were used to create it. It is imperative that every page has a meta description and that it is used properly by the webmaster. If the meta description is not used properly then the search engine will not be able to recognize the keywords and therefore will not count the site as organic.