New Trends in Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in the Future

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New Trends in Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in the Future

Digital Marketing News is about the constantly evolving industry. While the past three decades has seen some ground breaking digital innovations, much ground has also been covered in the past year or so. With a wide range of platforms existing for businesses to advertise themselves on, the competition in the advertising space is as immense as it is diverse. While it might be easy to make quick and easy decisions about which platform suits an individual company best, taking a calculated risk may not always pay off. Instead, it is vital for businesses to understand how the landscape is evolving, and how their current strategies can adapt to these shifts.

Digital Marketing News helps marketers take advantage of this by constantly publishing in-depth research reports on the latest advancements and technologies in the digital world. In this particular installment, we have taken a look at five trends from the last year and discussed how they have impacted on digital marketing. The information below is complied from research carried out by Lee Odden and Tom Mooring, who are the founders of Marketwired and Digital Marketing News respectively.

The first trend discussed in Digital Marketing News was the integration of internet marketing stories into content for various types of audiences. For example, many people use social networking sites such as Twitter for in-depth conversation and sharing of information. Marketers therefore look for ways to get top notch news stories onto these platforms and then share them with their followers. This has been greatly facilitated by the rise of social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon, where users are able to vote on the most interesting web pages, and provide their own personal feedback on the ones they deem too hard to read or too spammy.

Another important development in recent years has been the rise of Facebook, as it continues to dominate the social media scene. The advent of its application platform has opened up internet marketing opportunities to both small and large businesses, as it allows the marketing of campaigns in unique ways. For example, many marketers utilize Facebook’s news feeds to generate breaking news stories, which they then share with their fans and followers on the social network. Smaller business owners may use Facebook to post new products or services information and even create fan pages specifically targeted towards their product.

Yet another emerging trend in digital marketing news is the embracing of content marketing through the platform. Content marketers have increasingly begun to use video as a tool to market products. While it is still common to see images or text shared in Facebook updates, the growth of video as a promotional medium has created a significant difference. Marketers who choose to market through content marketing news outlets are doing so because they are looking to enhance the experience of users, rather than simply flooding the environment with sales messages.

Finally, hard news sources have become more popular, and for good reason. Many people who find themselves interested in current events are often turned off by social media marketing news sources, as it provides only brief, digestible summaries of major topics. For this reason, many small business owners choose to publish hard news items themselves, allowing them to maintain control over what information their customers receive. By offering readers something more substantive than status updates, small business owners are allowing them to develop a relationship with their audience and develop brand loyalty.

As new trends emerge and new players enter the marketplace, it is important for small business owners to be aware of all digital marketing news sources and how they can use them to their advantage. The increased availability of mobile marketing makes it more critical than ever before to engage consumers on a more personal level. It is also becoming increasingly important to work with customers and to provide them with relevant information that they may not be able to find elsewhere. In order to remain competitive, small business owners must stay on top of all the trends shaping the digital landscape.

The topics discussed above represent the major trends shaping digital marketing in the future. If you are a small business owner that wants to take advantage of these trends, you need to get on the trend alert. Get a subscription to Digital Marketing News, and learn about all the ways that the digital world is changing today and moving into the future. You can read the “future trends in advertising” reports that Digital Marketing News provides annually. Sign up for the newsletter, and begin taking advantage of all the new opportunities that lie ahead.