New Digital Marketing Trends Are Shaping Up the Online Advertising Marketplace

The future of digital marketing and online business is bound to be even more diverse, connected, and integrated with true customer needs. It won’t be about pumping out more of the same, blatant self-promoting tactics which no longer apply to the true world of business today. Technologies continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, therefore, some of…


Some are still clinging to the outdated voice search model. Even though people seem to have moved on in their thinking, companies who utilize this model continue to do so at their own peril. For starters, the general public generally does not find this type of marketing approach very appealing. It lacks substance and really doesn’t offer a comprehensive view of all the important elements which form the basis of solid customer experiences. Voice search also fails to tap into the often unique needs of individuals.

Perhaps the best way to look at it is this. Voice search isn’t going to help you grow your business at all! Instead, it’s going to hurt it, both right now and well into the future. What does this mean to your marketing strategy? It means you need to develop a different mindset about how you do business… one which connects with what truly matters for your customer experiences.

When you adopt this new marketing philosophy you’ll notice major positive changes within your overall business growth. You’ll start to see your bottom line grow because you’re connecting with customers on an individual level instead of trying to grow your business by focusing on the larger group of individuals whom you share the same vision with. When you use the latest trends to promote your company, you’ll be missing the boat.

The idea that marketing trends are going to increase consumer engagement isn’t quite accurate. Trends do impact consumer experience but they don’t create any true engagement. In fact, by not connecting with consumers on a personal level, marketing trends actually decrease engagement levels. As consumers begin to get more “cold,” their interest wanes and they turn to brands they know and trust.

The truth is that marketing trends are simply there to guide you in the right direction. If marketers understood and implemented this strategy then more people would buy from them because the concept of selling was more about relationship building than cold marketing. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the right relationship when selling products and services. We live in a digital world and marketers need to realize that fact.

Today, most marketers seem to think that by focusing on quantity rather than quality, they can win the marketing war. While quantity can certainly be effective, it doesn’t create a strong customer experience or connect with consumers on a personal level. While there are certainly challenges associated with implementing a traditional marketing strategy, when it comes to creating real engagement, digital solutions simply trump physical stores.

Marketing trends may change from year to year, especially since businesses are always looking for the next best thing. However, trends do have a way of staying true no matter how the market changes. Keep your focus on the future and use current trends to guide your business model. This will help you create the strategies that create the greatest impact on your bottom line.

New digital advertising trends are shaping up the industry, and marketers must embrace these trends or risk going home empty handed. Marketers are embracing social media marketing strategies like Facebook ads, video advertisements, 3D interactive ads, podcasting, and mobile apps that deliver fresh content to consumers. These strategies not only allow marketers to reach customers directly, but they also allow them to learn more about their clients’ personalities.

With the rise of the “youths” and “digital natives,” it’s important to find a proven marketing strategy that works for each demographic. Fortunately, there are many marketers who are creating apps that target each group. From business to fitness to entertainment, there is a mobile app for every niche. In fact, app development has become so common that many marketers consider it an essential element to a successful online marketing campaign. Apps give marketers the chance to reach teens, Gen Xer’s, and Gen-Yers who are using Google search on a daily basis.

Marketing with digital marketing strategy offers marketers several options for engaging customers on a daily basis. Marketers can optimize content for specific audiences, offer personalized experiences through applications, and create unique customer experiences by offering information or products that are not found on a website. The best marketing campaigns do more than engage; they personalize the customer experience. Digital marketing helps marketers determine who is most likely to purchase a product or service. If the marketer engages with customers on all fronts, including social media, the conversion rate will be higher.