New Buzzword – “Virtual” Events

Digital Marketing News is all the buzz in the digital marketing world. In fact, the digital landscape continues to expand with exciting and new opportunities every day. As an entire new marketplace enters, it’s no secret that many entrepreneurs and marketers are eager to capitalize on this untapped resource. As a large new industry it holds enormous potential for those who understand it, but it also has many fairly serious pitfalls as well. In this digital marketing report, give you not only the inside scoop on digital marketing itself, but the in-depth viewpoint from an outside perspective.

Digital Marketing News

The biggest trend of the next decade is likely to be automated e-commerce. More companies are beginning to use highly advanced online applications that require relatively little human intervention. In the coming years, we’ll see an incredible growth in self-service consumer shopping. By the dawn of the next decade, we’ll see e-commerce done entirely on autopilot – the same way that millions now shop online. This frees up more time for marketers, who can then devote more effort to more effective digital marketing strategies, such as pay per click search engine optimization.

Another huge trend that will sweep across the globe and all sectors of business will be Video Marketing. We already know about the explosion of YouTube and how the site has changed the way that many people view videos, and how this impact is being felt by companies everywhere. We’ve also learned about the enormous potential of HubSpot. HubSpot is a powerful search engine optimization tool that allows businesses to quickly and easily dominate Google for specific key phrases and key words. In fact, according to one estimate, there could be as much as three to five billion searches done every month by customers using HubSpot.

But that’s not all. In addition to being a very powerful search engine optimization tool, YouTube is also a powerful social media platform that can reach millions upon millions of viewers within hours. That puts YouTube right in line with the massive potential of HubSpot, and the impact of in-person events. According to an estimate from Search Engine Land, there are already more than six and a half million videos posted to YouTube in this year’s first quarter alone.

All of these changes and more will have a significant impact on the ROI (return on investment) for digital marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many of us fail to realize the importance of considering these new threats carefully. Most of us focus solely on the potential threats we face, like competitors taking over our niche, or new entrants getting into the market. But with the new search engine capabilities, we’re seeing competitors looking to ride the coattails of big players, creating a situation where the upstart is left fighting against a juggernaut. The answer to this problem is quite obvious and should be considered in the decade ahead when planning your digital marketing strategy.

The threat of Google’s new algorithm changes is one of the hottest topics discussed by industry insiders. Although most have predicted the change for next year, there is still much debate as to how this will affect your planning, particularly considering the fact that you may have already implemented some of the strategies based on the new rules. However, according to Digital Marketing News author Jennifer DePorter, even if you haven’t implemented any changes, the changes may already be having an impact on your bottom line. For example, Google has recently increased its minimum bid price for listings, which could make it difficult to compete with established players who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise on black Friday.

Another important topic for many businesses, especially those in the media or entertainment business, revolves around virtual events. Virtual events are becoming more common as the lead times for booking them shrink down, and more consumers turn to the internet to discover what events are currently available. According to Digital Marketing News author J. Stephen Lanning, the number of searches for artists performing live shows using traditional venues such as tickets and music stores continues to increase, while virtual events have seen a decline. This change will have a dramatic effect on your business because virtual events require a lot more marketing dollars in order to attract audiences, which means that they are a lot harder to come by. Additionally, Virtual Events have a negative stigma associated with them that makes them less likely to be booked and more likely to be attended by a casual attendee.

In the end, many business owners are unaware of some of the changes that are happening in their industry thanks to the state of the art news organizations that have recently been published online. While it is impossible to completely eliminate the need for in-person events, the impact that the Google+ Local app will have on your advertising efforts should be considered in your search to help grow your business. It is important that you stay on top of the trends that are shaping the future of the industry you work in. Start researching topics in Digital Marketing News that may impact the way you manage your business now and in the future.