Most Important Elements Of SEO Audit

A SEO audit identifies a practical and technical diagnosis of your entire site. It provides an assessment of your current visibility in SERPs. This information helps to locate all possible site optimization strategies and tactics to increase your site rankings and popularity in search engine results.

An SEO audit shows how much your site is vulnerable to errors. A complete SEO audit reveals the following mistakes: excessive use of keywords, excessive modification of content, ineffective link building strategies, incorrect file names, wrong format of images and JavaScript, ineffective navigation strategies, wrong web format for search engine listings and excessive use of flash formatting on your pages. Most of these mistakes can be solved by improving your web design and development and by following the recommended guidelines for modification of content. However, the most important factor that must be fixed is the process of minification. This is the factor responsible for increasing the loading time of a page.

Search Engine Ranking. If the keywords density is not correct, your ranking will be affected. If you have too much text content, Google penalizes your site because it considers it a challenge for users to read text content. As a result, it lowers the ranking of a site.

Loading Time. The search engines need to know that you are ready to receive visitors to your web page. When Google, Yahoo and Bing display the page in search results, they need to be impressed by your web page content. So, if your web page takes too long to load, you will lose the customers will never get back to your web page.

A SEO audit shows the importance of unification. In order to improve your page speed score, you have to make sure that your page content is well minified. You have to hire a professional optimization company so that you can enjoy faster page loading time. If you do not have a reliable company in your area, you can search online for companies that offer affordable SEO services.

XML Sitemap. An SEO audit shows that you have to include an XML sitemap to your site. This tool is widely used by search engines so you have to make sure that you include this feature to your site. This XML sitemap helps search engines to locate all the pages of your site. The site structure should be well designed so that search engines can easily locate all the pages of your site.

Link Building. To improve your page ranking factors, you need to build more links to your web site. An effective link building campaign will greatly affect your search engine optimization strategy. If you are new to online marketing and have no idea about how to get links, you can hire a professional link builder to help you out. He will create the link profile for you based on your keywords and market preferences.

Meta Tags. An SEO audit will show that the use of wrong meta tags is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Wrong meta tags lead to poor search engine optimization results and can have a great impact on your web page ranking factors. Therefore, you have to make sure that you include all the important keywords in your web page titles and headings.

Internal Links. Every website owner knows that it is essential to include internal links in order to increase the traffic to their web pages. But you must also understand that over-optimization of internal links can cause your website page ranking to go down. For this reason, an SEO audit will reveal broken links and other problems related to internal links.

On-page audit. You may also perform a basic on-page audit to reveal the problem areas in your site. Here you can identify the duplicate content, misspelled words, inappropriate keywords, incorrect alt image tags, incorrect meta description tags and other such flaws. An on-page audit will help you fix these flaws before the site audit reveals these problems.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy. One of the most important elements of a successful SEO campaign is the proper implementation of search engine optimization strategy. By properly identifying and analyzing the problems in your web pages, you will be able to implement correct strategies. For instance, an on-page SEO audit will reveal if you are using the best keywords in your meta description tags, if your meta description is too long or too short, if the keyword density is too low or high and so forth.