Marketing Strategies For Businesses in the Future

Digital marketing is the latest buzzword in the world of business. It does not matter what products and services you sell, or who your actual business is – digital marketing trends can not be overlooked. Not so very long ago, businesses needed very little more than a simple website and a few carefully selected Facebook friends, but these days, the digital landscape is constantly evolving so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up. In addition to the obvious growth in social media, there is also an increase in e-commerce, with more business owners opting to expand their business into the digital realm. With all these tools at their disposal, it is easy to see how digital marketing can benefit your business, and the best way to do it is to understand the digital marketing trends that are shaping your future.


The year ahead looks particularly bright for social media, as major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are set to feature heavily in the promotional activities of many major corporations in the coming year and beyond. It was only a few short years ago when the likes of Twitter and Facebook were just beginning to take off – and it is safe to say that many businesses missed out on a golden opportunity. Now, there are already signs that these two giants are keen to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. If your business is not already using social media for marketing purposes, then it is high time you looked into doing so!

Another trend that will have a major impact on your marketing strategies in the coming year and beyond is original research. There is a huge movement within the professional blogging world towards guest blogging. Many of the top blogger’s in the world are now starting to rely on guest blogging as a major part of their overall marketing strategies, and it is proving very popular indeed. Guest blogging provides you with an exceptional opportunity to gain insight and experience from someone who is in your very close personal world.

Another area which is set to see a massive change in its overall marketing strategies is local SEO. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a term which will encompass a wide variety of processes which improve the volume of visitors to websites, and therefore sales. In the coming year and beyond, there is likely to be a sea change in how your local SEO efforts are managed. The first thing to consider is whether your current SEO strategy is working to your advantage. If there is room for improvement, then it might be time to make some changes to the way you manage your local SEO.

One area where many local SEO experts will spend a large chunk of their time is learning how to use Google’s Voice Search feature. Google Voice Search, has been around for a long time now and has only recently started to enter into mainstream marketing campaigns. It is one of the most powerful features yet unseen by most online marketers. By using this powerful new voice search feature, your voice becomes stronger and more noticeable in Google when people are searching for particular products or services. By understanding how to use Google Voice Search effectively, you will be able to build brand reputation, drive quality traffic to your website and expand your business presence.

Mobile marketing is another area which will undergo a sea change in the next few years. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, promoting your business is likely to be done on the go. As a result, there will be a shift in how your marketing messages are sent and received. Incoming links, notifications and other content will be delivered through a number of emerging methods, and this means that the role of the marketing manager will become more complex and require new and innovative techniques to stay ahead of the game.

The emergence of connected devices such as iPads, Apple Watch and Google Glass will mean that your customers will carry around their mobile devices wherever they go. This means that you will need to have a comprehensive strategy in place to target these customers with relevant content and to encourage them to purchase your products. Apart from traditional methods of media marketing, there will be a number of emerging digital marketing opportunities in the future, including augmented reality, smart glasses, digital marketing tools and social media. The role of the business manager will become more complex, as he will have to create a business case for each potential opportunity to determine whether it is worth pursuing.

The importance of hiring a qualified SEO specialist cannot be overstated in today’s competitive market. The right SEO expert can deliver top rankings in major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo with an organic strategy, meaning that the content will remain present on the internet long after any other type of PPC or pay-per-click advertising has been removed. Optimising websites with unique content and effective keyword targeting will boost your online presence and give your business an advantage over your competitors. Incoming links, search engine results and even social media engagement will boost your brand and create a significant impact on your bottom line. Following a successful campaign, the return on investment of an SEO specialist will pay dividends by improving your online reputation, increasing your search ranking and gaining a competitive edge in a growing marketplace.