Making Sure Your SEO Campaign Ensures Website Rankings

What is Search Engine Optimization? An SEO strategy (also known as search engine optimization plan or organic SEO approach) is the strategic plan adopted by an online business owner to increase their website’s page ranking. It is an important process that allows businesses to make sure they are being viewed by potential customers. In other words, an SEO plan is the method you follow when wishing to acquire more organic traffic to your website. SEO is a long-term and ongoing effort that requires considerable effort and time to achieve desired page rankings on major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Today there are many SEO firms offering different SEO services. Many SEO companies will promise you results in weeks or months. SEO is not easy to master for a simple reason: it is a very complicated discipline. The search engines change their algorithms regularly, and therefore it is impossible to measure this effectively using a one-off SEO campaign. SEO Trends watchers have estimated that it may take up to three years before a company is able to register its first SEO campaign.

What are the current SEO trends? Search engine optimization is definitely not dead! People who use WordPress as their blogging platform still use the same optimization techniques they employed many years ago (i.e., optimize content, title, headers, category names, etc.) Although the optimization algorithm for the most popular search engines have changed several times over the last few years, many SEOs are still optimizing their sites with the same techniques they employed many years ago.

SEO Optimizing a blog entails much more than putting keywords in your URL. First of all, you should optimize your blog according to its audience. It would be pointless to optimize your blog for adult (fyi: there is a difference between adult and teen) topics if you are writing for young children. If your target keyword is puppies, then no matter what your blog’s topic is, you should optimize it to cater to the search intent of your target audience. When a search engine algorithm functions according to the search intent, it will return website results that are most appropriate to the words the searcher used.

Another SEO trend is to make use of link building. Link building is a traditional SEO technique that makes websites appear more valuable to search engine algorithms. For example, if you have a blog about chicken, you could ask other websites in your niche to post a link to your blog (i.e., your link building service provider would put a link on a chicken website). This will improve the visibility of your blog in search engine rankings, because the search engines consider websites that request links from others as “more relevant” to the keywords used by the user when searching for that particular topic. This does not necessarily mean that the links are reciprocal links. However, this SEO strategy can increase your rankings in search engine rankings and give you a higher chance of getting clicked on.

Organic SEO is a distant third behind search engine optimization and link building. It still has not reached its full potential. Organic SEO strategies are centered on optimizing content or the layout of the website using targeted keywords. This SEO strategy has been proven to be successful but it is not enough. In future years, it is still inevitable that organic traffic will grow in spite of the strategies that organic SEO employs.

According to K. Mark Ling, CPA and an online marketing guru, organic search engine optimization is “set to be one of the biggest trends in online marketing in the next few years”. Search engine marketers are using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to track organic traffic and discover new tactics and strategies to improve website rankings and drive more organic visitors to the site. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any Ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and are included with every reproduction.

Search engine optimization is a growing industry that demands constant attention and research by online marketers. Optimizing your website is vital to making sure that it receives the traffic it deserves. Search engines tend to devalue websites that are difficult to optimize or that have outdated content. When it comes to increasing organic traffic and making sure that your ranking remains high in the search engine results, SEO strategies can play a major role. To read more about Search Engine Optimization, subscribe to Ezine news or subscribe to insightful internet marketing articles.