Local SEO Ranking Factors To Use

Local SEO, also called local search engine optimization, describes ranking your local online business higher in Google, particularly regarding Google Maps for local results. Essentially, Local SEO is all about ranking well in Google and other major search engines for relevant keywords pertaining to your business and/or products. Keywords come from various sources including social media, press releases, websites, blogs, forums, and so much more. The key to ranking well and making sure you rank well is getting the proper attention from Google. We’ll discuss a few methods you can use for local SEO below:

NAP – Google Algorithm Improvement Project. NAP is a search engines optimization program that was introduced in 2021. Google’s new algorithm improves the ranking of businesses based on their location, external links, industry and social networks data. NAP is not popular, but provides some insight into how to improve your Google rank.

Backlinks – A strong local citation system which includes backlinks from related domains, article directories and social networks provides a multitude of benefits to your website, your business and your customers. Google loves backlinks. Google provides a detailed explanation of backlinks in its help center. A variety of other local citation sites are offering backlinks to your site, including:

Google Maps – Google offers its own mapping application that integrates directly with its ranking algorithms. You can optimize your website for Google Maps by including the appropriate icon, using the proper URL pointing to the page and list your business or organization within the map. Google will then create a local map pack highlighting all the pages within a specific region or country that you should feature in your website. This makes it easier for people to find you when searching for a local service or product. Google Maps will also provide contextual information on your listing such as whether it is gas-efficient, near a hospital, etc.

Phone Number Lookup – Local listings which utilize the phone number field rather than a physical address field are known as phone number lookups. Google has an internal phone number directory service that contains millions of phone numbers. You can find a cell phone number, land line and unlisted numbers. To increase your Google ranking for local listing citation sites such as Google Places and Yelp, you must list your business or organization within a phone number directory. There are numerous online phone number lookup directories available to choose from.

Website Description – If you want to increase the rankings for your business name, address, and phone number, you need to craft a well-written description of your site. Include all the pertinent information that Google spiders use when crawling your site. Create a descriptive title, headers, and content. Google will take note of your unique characteristics and use them in their algorithms to rank you accordingly. Make sure that the text is readable and includes all the necessary details so that your site’s ranking and traffic flow can be maximized.