Local Search Engines: How to Improve Local SEO


Local Search Engines: How to Improve Local SEO

Local SEO is the act of optimizing a company’s business web presence by improving its search ranking and visibility in the search results. Local SEO provides businesses with significant advantages over their competition when it comes to their local search positioning. The Internet has changed dramatically over the past few years, and business owners need to understand the changing landscape in order to remain competitive. There are four main components to successful local SEO, which include strong On-page SEO that includes great content, compelling copy, link building and local citations.

On-page SEO refers to the text, images, and links on a web page. Local SEO works off the text, images, and links found on a web page, and is therefore more focused and intense than global SEO. Local SEO helps a business location achieve its top search ranking by showing up in the SERPs for specific keywords. Local SEO provides business owners with significant advantages over their competitors when it comes to their local search positioning. For example, because the internet is filled with information and advertisements from local companies, the pages on a web site are more likely to rank highly when compared to ads from international competitors.

On-page SEO can be split into two distinct strategies. Internal linking, which consists of the use of internal pages to provide potential customers with the information they seek, and external linking, which refers to the use of links provided on web pages outside of the business name. External linking allows the use of webpages or keywords associated with the business name, and external links can be verified by the search engines. Internal linking and the placement of keywords on pages outside of the business name can be effective but it may not provide a large effect, depending on the amount of links on each page.

On-page local SEO includes the content of articles and press releases. A business owner can increase the relevancy of his website by placing relevant keywords in his content. Keyword saturation is also important when it comes to this form of SEO. Using appropriate keyword ratios is necessary, as well as the use of meta-tags, ALT tags and descriptions. The goal of on-page SEO is to increase traffic to the site, which is achieved by ranking high in the major search engines and receiving citations from popular sites.

Physical Location or Physical Locations: One of the most effective components of an on-page seo strategy is the physical location of the business. In order for a business to achieve a top ranking in the search engines, it must be visible to searchers. Some SEO firms begin their search optimization by searching for local citations to find businesses in each geographic area. These citations are then manually entered into the ranking algorithms, where they are used to determine the relevancy of a given page.

A complete assessment of a company’s physical location is best left to a professional firm. However, conducting such a search on your own may not reveal all of the information needed to determine a business’s relevancy. A good example of this would be a company that has several storefronts throughout the country. While these businesses will likely receive traffic, the number of visitors per day may not be high enough to make a difference in the rankings. For this reason, hiring a search engine optimization firm that specializes in local use keyword research will allow you to focus on the information that is truly relevant to your site. This is a much more effective way to find the right keywords for your business than using your own judgment.

Online Research: Along with the use of local SEO keywords, online SEO keyword research is another method that is often overlooked by companies. Using Google AdWords can be extremely effective when it comes to improving local on-page seo efforts. Performing keyword research can be done quickly and easily using the tools provided. If you do not feel comfortable with this process, there are other options as well. Keyword services often provide an analysis of your competitors. This in turn can give you an idea as to what keywords your company should be using and how to use them effectively.

Citations and Blogs: Another important part of creating a successful local SEO marketing strategy is building strong citations throughout the Internet. By including citations within blog posts, websites, press releases, and social media posts you are increasing the authority and value of your site. Additionally, it is important to note that websites with the most citations are seen as more credible by search engines. In addition, Google and other search engines will often list blogs within a blogroll section, which provides additional credibility.