Increase Online Sales Through Customer Loyalty

Top 12 ways to increase online sales using Experiences include geo-targeted ads, geo-targeted mail campaigns, consumer loyalty programs, and consumer trials. Combining all of these strategies with consumer loyalty will drive even more visitors to your website and ultimately increase your overall sales! That’s right, by offering a free consumer experience or gift card you can increase your total online sales by as much as 160%! It’s really that easy!

The power of geo-targeting is the power of knowing where your customers are looking and what they’re looking for when they search for a service or solution on the Internet. To take advantage of this powerful strategy, offer consumers an experience in addition to a product or service. Offer consumers an experience such as a free “glimpse” of your business or experience, for example, that allows them to view a short video about your business or solve a pressing problem before they buy from you. The power of geo-targeting is in this approach’s ability to build trust and deliver the additional benefits of a free gift, such as a special link or coupon to use at a local business or the site they’ve just visited.

Consumer loyalty begins with the decision to purchase a product or service from a company versus one that’s not associated with that brand. The power of this marketing strategy is in the personal connection, a consumer has with that brand and that relationship continues after the initial purchase. Offer consumers an opportunity to leave feedback, both negative and positive, after their experience with your company. These comments can stay posted on the company’s website and provide a unique way to market a new product or service.

Social media provides another powerful way to market products and services through the process of user reviews. Consumer loyalty is strengthened even more when a customer refers a friend or relative to a specific business. The power of social media, through reviews and testimonials, builds brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.

Many businesses have found that adding geo-targeting advertising can increase online sales. Geo-targeting allows a business to create ads that are specific to a certain geographic area. When consumers find a business they enjoy shopping for they will typically share the business’s URL via a social media post or a review on the review site. Businesses that have geo-targeted ads can then offer the URL to consumers in that geographic location. This gives a business additional opportunities to reach a broader audience. Consumers that choose to share a business’ URL on a review site likely have a strong interest in the business and will be ready to help promote it when they see how well the business is doing.

Another way that reviews and posts can increase online sales is by offering different pricing strategies. Review sites are another way that different pricing strategies can be offered. When a business offers multiple reviews for a service, they are reaching more potential customers in a different way than if they only offered one price. When consumers search for a particular service but they aren’t sure if they should purchase it, offering a variety of prices will entice them to purchase the service.

Creating reviews and posting posts online is another way that consumers can increase their knowledge about a business. When consumers experience an unfamiliar experience with a product or service, they are more likely to be willing to try that product or service out. This is why creating reviews and posting articles on review sites is a great way to increase online sales.

When businesses think about how to increase online sales, reviews and posts are the top items on their list. Consumer loyalty grows when businesses create a loyal customer base. Consumers that have loyalty trust that businesses they buy from will always deliver on time and provide quality products and services. When consumers feel that a business will always be there for them, they are more willing to purchase from them. Creating reviews and posting articles can help to create this loyalty among consumers.