Increase Online Sales by Creating Trust Through Your Web Design

In the rapidly growing world of ecommerce, how to increase online sales can often be a tricky beast. It’s easy to make promises that seem impossible to keep, and hard to prove they’re effective. There are some effective tactics, however, that are not only easy to implement, but that have a measurable impact on overall profits. Below, we have outlined 20 proven ways to increase online sales through testimonials and geo-targeting.

Increase Online Sales

Promote Your Business With Testimonials If you’re new to advertising or you haven’t built up a significant list of fans, it can be difficult to convince customers to purchase from you. A surefire way to create credibility and build trust is to offer testimonials from existing customers. Whether these testimonials come from Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts, it is crucial to leave your contact information at the end of each testimonial. This will encourage readers to follow you on Twitter, visit your site, or at least visit your social media accounts in order to find out more about you. As you build your list of followers, this will create a viral effect and lead to increased sales for you.

Use a Custom checkout Process Don’t make the mistake of confusing your customers. When most people shop online they want to complete their transaction as fast as possible and without any hassles or complications. To ensure that this happens, make sure that your checkout process is as simple and seamless as possible. It’s also important to make sure that the checkout process is easy for customers to use and that they don’t have to do too much work or worry about anything else while paying for their products.

Give Your Customers the Best Experience possible There is no better way to ensure that your potential customers will come back to purchase from you again than by providing them with the best overall experience possible. It doesn’t matter if your website visitors came to your site searching for a particular product, but rather to simply shop. Make sure that you give them a great shopping cart experience so that they can easily complete their transactions and make their purchases. Give your customers the option to pay using their credit card, to pay with a PayPal account, or to use a debit card. Whatever payment option they choose, always ensure that they feel confident and comfortable with using it.

Make it easy for customers to make changes If you want to increase online sales then you have to make sure that you are taking care of your customers. The checkout process should be as simple as possible. Offer your customers the ability to make changes to their payment options at any time, and make sure that they can easily change their credit card or shipping address. If your website visitors frequently change their addresses, it will help you improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Use social proof Don’t forget to include social proof in your marketing efforts to increase online sales. Social proof is simply what it sounds like – information presented to help you decide whether or not something is true or not. For example, if you see numerous testimonials from satisfied customers on a product sales page don’t automatically assume that this is a valid product. If you see a lot of people talking about it on social media platforms, that also provides you with more social proof that it really works.

Build trust with your customers When you build trust with your customers you will be able to offer them even better deals. For example, you can provide a detailed list of all of the different items that you offer for sale on your website’s category pages. On your category pages you can list the items by the price, category, and even the price range that the item falls into – which will allow your customers to easily choose the item that is right for them based on how much they have to spend.

Provide value As you work to increase online sales you should always strive to provide value to your customers. After all, your customers will appreciate anything that they can get for free. One great way to do this is through web design campaigns. If you are able to create an attractive and informative website, you will soon begin to gain trust from visitors to your site. These visitors will then be more likely to make a purchase if they know that they are getting something of real value for their money.