Important SEO News – Update on Google Algorithm

It’s been a hectic month for SEO news! There have been plenty of Google changes and even the beginning of the Google Experience rolling out. Plus loads of new Google tools and business features are surely Google the new high road? Finally, don’t miss the introduction of Brave, a new search engine from Google. It will compete with Bing, Yahoo and Ask for your SEO needs.

If you’re still using plug-ins like WordPress, Movable Type, AudioPress and Social plugins, it makes sense to upgrade to the latest in SEO tools and techniques. Google has just introduced two updates that will change the game for SEO experts. The first is called Panda and the second is called Penguin. So, what are the latest SEO news and techniques for optimizing your websites?

First, we learned that Google is updating the algorithms used for indexing websites. This means that if you want your website to be featured on Google, you will need to work on these things now before the algorithm changes go into effect. If you’re not familiar with how SEO works, you’ll find this news helpful. SEO experts have known about the updates for quite some time, but until recently, many SEO professionals were speculating that the update will really be a negative for SEO. Fortunately, we’ve received good news and this news is not bad for SEO in general.

Google introduced two major updates this month and they are both significant and beneficial to SEO experts. The first is Panda, which is Google’s version of Penguin. This update focuses on reducing the spam signal while increasing the quality score of a website. In effect, it also makes finding information on a page more important than ever. Google wants to create a better user experience, so the update will allow webmasters to focus more on content rather than how much text is on a page. If you’re not an SEO expert, this might mean that your rankings will decrease slightly, but this should only be a temporary situation.

Google’s second major update is Google Assistant, which is their personal response to Twitter. As we know, Google’s personalization algorithm updates were very beneficial for SEO experts. The company has now introduced Google Assistant, which is similar to their existing voice search feature. According to a Google representative, this feature is currently in testing and it should be ready in the future. Since Assistant is still in development, only developers who are working on the Google apps will have access to it. In addition, Google Assistant won’t make a huge impact on your rankings just yet, but the update should increase your traffic and make everything easier for you.

It is impossible to predict when Google might decide to make another algorithm update, or a series of updates to their algorithm. Google doesn’t usually announce their updates, so you’ll probably have to keep your eyes open to the news and rumors for updates. However, you can take advantage of these algorithm updates by incorporating keywords into your web pages and generating quality content using them. While the updates above are already benefiting SEO professionals, it’s never too early to start making use of Google’s great resources to generate traffic and to build your list. If you haven’t already started using Google, it’s about time that you do!