Importance Of SEO News In Google’s March Update

How to apply Google Analytics for SEO? That’s a question a lot of website owners are asking as the SEO landscape changes quickly and dramatically. Google has implemented new guidelines for ranking certain factors, and the SEO community has been up in arms about it. But that’s not all that’s happened this summer. There was also plenty of SEO news in July 2021, as well as a follow-up webinar on optimizing for Google’s latest search update.


In June, Google released their Google+ Local feature which allows users in a specific geographical area to see reviews and get recommendations from local businesses within that area. This follows up on the previous social news aspect that Google released in April with their Google Buzz feature. Since then, SEO professionals have been speculating whether or not Google could be ready to release yet another major update to their search algorithm updates.

Well, in mid-July, the SEO community got a bit of a shock when the Google search engine released their new ranking algorithm update. The algorithm updates were supposed to take into account two main factors when calculating a website’s SEO value. First, keywords used by users when searching for the website appear more frequently in search engine results. Second, site-related content appears on the first and fifth pages of Google search results. So if a website focuses on a particular area like travel, the chances of its being featured on the first page of Google results are slim to none. It makes perfect sense that SEO professionals will need to take some time to understand what Google is thinking here.

However, the news didn’t stop there. In early August, Google released the Google Lens program, a new service that allows users to share “noise” videos with the social network. At the same time, Google launched the beta version of Google Wave, which will allow music-streaming services to get involved in the SEO conversation. Music-streaming is one of the fastest-growing segments in the SEO world right now. Now, it looks like YouTube may be getting into the game as well.

So now we know what Google is thinking, but what about the rest of the SEO community? Let’s see. The spam Update brought about several changes in the ranking algorithms. These changes affected all SEO methods, but especially SEO inbound links, or backlinks. Now, there’s a real need to understand how the spam Update affected rankings. If you want to get a better understanding of how it affected your business, read on.

In September, the SEO community learned that Google’s new ranking method will be implemented in Q4 of this year. During the webinar, Will Campbell, Google’s director of engineering, stated that Google is going to start using an algorithm called Scroogling. This algorithm will scan websites for certain keywords. Upon finding those keywords, Google will present webmasters with a list of results from which they can choose the best one. If you have any SEO services done recently, you should make sure you’re up to date with SEO news webinar content on the new algorithm. It’s highly recommended you learn how Google makes their decisions, and get your link on the first page of Google.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been keeping up with SEO news, you may not know that Google has just released another major algorithm change. The new Possum update affects SERPs across all Google verticals. According to Matt Cutts, one of Google’s Senior Staffers, the new Possum update is designed to give people more control over their SEO results. With the new algorithm, Google wants website owners to have a greater say in where their ads appear in search results.

While most people are focused on the social media section of Google’s SEO activity, there is another important aspect to this algorithm change and that is the passage ranking update. As previously mentioned, Google is trying to make it easier for people to find you. By improving the location-based portion of Google’s search results, you’ll see more traffic from your niche. Hopefully, you’ll also see a boost in your page rank and sales because of it.