Importance of Google Algorithm Updates

Google recently released two new updates to its popular search engine algorithm. Google claims to change its algorithm several thousand times a year. However, in a majority of occasions, Google updates are just too small to be noticed. Nevertheless, each time Google changes something, it sometimes disrupts how we do SEO. The latest Google update is the Panda and Penguin updates. If you have not already implemented them, you need to do so immediately.

Google introduced the Panda algorithm in August 2021 to reduce the amount of duplicate content found on the web. Duplicate content was hurting the ranking factors of websites across the globe. Google claims that the algorithm updates introduce improved quality signals, which results in better user experience and increased traffic.

The first noticeable update to Google Algorithm was the Panda update. Google introduced Panda to combat duplicate content issues and make the internet a better place to search for information. Google introduced four different update cycles prior to the current one. Each cycle resulted in different decisions for the algorithms. With the release of panda update, Google made a lot of changes which affected SEO strategies.

According to Google, the purpose of these Google Algorithm updates were to make the experience of users easier by improving the quality signals they get from the Google web search results. Google searched for four main criteria for making Google Panda effective; it had to remove spam, make the experience of the user smoother and to make the ranking of websites more accurate. These four factors are closely related to user-generated content. Google also aimed for a reduction in links of low quality websites that have the sole purpose of gaining link popularity. After the introduction of panda update, many webmasters experienced negative consequences because they failed to apply the correct tactics.

Google Algorithm changes affect a website’s position in the SERP (search engine result page). Google tries to maintain the relevancy of a website by carefully analyzing text content and other indicators. In addition to that, Google updates the algorithm several times within a year to make sure that everything stays as it is for a long period of time. By applying new algorithm updates, Google tries to balance its algorithm updates with the updated applications that appear on the SERP.

There are two types of algorithm updates Google applies on a regular basis. These updates include the core updates and the supplemental updates. The core algorithm updates deal with changing the text content of a page and other small aesthetic changes. The supplemental updates deal with small aesthetic changes and technical upgrades to the system that affect page rankings.

Google has to keep up with changing trends in web design and development. As a result, Google updates the algorithm to keep pace with the changes. For example, a few years ago Google applied a penalty to sites that had very slow page loading. Now, sites with very slow page loading are not penalized anymore. Instead, they are given an improved page rank based on the improvements made. This improves the reliability of Google’s ranking factors.

As per Google, these are the major Google algorithm updates for the next year. We can expect more updates before the end of the year. In case you have any queries or would like to know about what happens next, you can log on to Google webmaster tools. You will receive continuous updates on Google.

Google is constantly making it clear that they update the algorithm on a regular basis. So, you need to stay tuned. You will never know when the update will come from. However, we can be rest assured that Google webmaster tools will keep you updated at all times.

Google has an extensive range of activities that include updating its various products and services. Therefore, it cannot be said that they are just making random algorithm updates to help with ranking factors. Rather, they take into consideration various factors in order to update the algorithm. When we take a look at the latest algorithm update from Google, we can see that the algorithm now gives more importance to backlinks. As a result of this, many webmasters started worrying about getting quality backlinks for their site.

However, there was no direct change made in the way Google awards the rankings. Instead, the algorithm has been changed so that the results for websites that have a lot of inbound links are more preferred. The outcome of these changes is obvious. It is clear that Google wants to give more importance to quality websites and give it a higher position in the rankings. So, if you want to get high rankings, then you need to focus on having a lot of high quality backlinks to your website.