How To Use Social Media Marketing To Increase Online Sales

Consumer loyalty and enhanced online sales are the twin pillars of any successful ecommerce business. However, it takes more than just providing great products or services to drive traffic and boost sales. Building relationships with your customers can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and build a strong relationship with them. Here are some of the ways that you can build consumer loyalty:

Increase Online Sales

Provide a rich, complete experience: One of the keys to drive sales through ecommerce websites is to offer a rich, complete experience to the consumer. Whether you’re using a site-builder like Squeeze that enables you to easily create a website with one click or a custom Ecommerce solution from a developer, always provide a great shopping cart experience for your customers. Provide reviews of your products and services on the front page of your site and keep your customers informed about new releases and specials. geo-targeted ads can also help you to bring more customers to your site, increasing your overall ecommerce marketing strategy.

Build social media presence: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be powerful tools to promote your ecommerce site. These platforms are also great places for you to let the world know about special promotions and news that may be of interest to your loyal customers. Adding links back to your site via social media can also help you to draw in even more traffic by allowing the community to get involved in helping you build awareness for promotions. When you have satisfied loyal customers, you can use these social media outlets to give them helpful advice, recommendations and tips on how to maximize your business’s reach.

Use content marketing: Content marketing has been a staple of effective social media marketing strategies for years. However, it’s an advertising strategy that’s just now becoming more popular. Instead of placing sales ads right in your user’s news feed, why not give them a chance to share your information with others? This is the backbone of Facebook’s recent updates, in which users are able to “like” what they see and share it with their Facebook friends. This creates a viral effect, driving more traffic to your website through word of mouth. If you haven’t already started using content marketing to generate new traffic to your site, now is definitely the time to get started.

Be transparent: The age of viral video makes it important that you make your product and/or company more accessible to consumers. Why not run a contest or offer consumers a special deal on purchases at a discounted price or give them the option of purchasing two items? If you have a valuable offer, consumers are much more likely to act upon it. For this reason, it’s important to take advantage of the power of social media by offering contests or specials where consumers are required to share their experience with the social media outlet. If done effectively, this strategy can greatly increase online sales.

Build consumer loyalty: It has been proven that people are far more likely to buy products if they feel that the brand has a great deal of trust in them. To do this, you should start to see your social media marketing campaigns as an extension of your physical business. Offer your consumers value-added services or freebies to keep them loyal to your brand. Many times, consumers will share a good experience with their friends, encouraging them to recommend your service or product to others. This strategy has worked well for companies like Unilever, where consumers were so loyal to the brand that they would go to any extent to promote it.

Build international journal subscriptions: It is important to offer high-quality content to your audience. Why not build on this with the help of a reliable provider of international journal subscriptions? This strategy can be particularly effective if you have a particular interest in a particular part of the world. You can use (and make use of) the reviews and recommendations of the international journal to increase your online sales. Even if you don’t own a stake in the industry, you can still benefit by creating a solid subscriber base.

Advertise your products: Finally, you can advertise your products through social media platforms. These can be particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the budgets to invest in traditional forms of advertisement. When consumers receive (and read) reviews of your products, many will recommend your services to their friends. This can boost your overall social media marketing strategy and give you a boost in subscription numbers.