How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

Increase Online Sales

How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

Product customization is quickly becoming a game changer for most brands in the personal fashion industry. It can do wonders both for the brand itself and for your business as well. Offering consumers what they need is a very viable option to increase customer loyalty and ultimately increase online sales. The following tips are sure to help you incorporate testimonials into your promotional campaign:

o Keep it specific. When your potential customers type in a search query, there will be a number of options like fashion, beauty, clothing, accessories or electronic gadgets. Think carefully about how you would like your customers to find you. Make sure that your website addresses all the choices and has a coherent design. A testimonial is not a solution but is rather an addition to your marketing mix. This enables you to connect with a particular set of customers and build a positive feedback cycle.

o Give your customers value. A simple “thank you” after your customer buys something is a nice way to thank them for their purchase. However, if you give away freebies, coupons or other freebies, make sure you clearly state at the bottom what benefit they will get in return. If your potential customers do not have a clear idea of what you can offer them to increase online sales, then you run the risk of losing potential business. Always keep in mind that customers will always have questions so be sure to never leave them hanging.

o Free shipping. When you give your customers free shipping, you increase online sales. Most customers love the concept of free shipping, especially since it reduces the total cost of their purchases. You can even get them started on a new shopping spree by offering free shipping on a large order. This is a great way to get more shoppers into your store since almost all shoppers love the idea of free shipping.

o Brand recognition. Since your products are directly shipped from your warehouse to your customers, you can easily build brand recognition. This means that when potential customers search for the products sold by your ecommerce business using search engines, they will see your brand logo. This can instantly boost your sales, since more people are likely to find your site using the terms you have chosen.

o The buying journey. When potential customers search for products sold by your ecommerce business using search engines, they will first see your brand logo. This immediately boosts your online traffic by making potential customers more likely to browse through your website and eventually make a purchase.

o Improve customer satisfaction. Customers are more likely to buy from businesses with an excellent customer service track record. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services you offer. If you can provide useful information about your company, products and prices, your customers will feel more confident about making a purchase. It is also important to provide helpful, friendly customer service so that your customers are more likely to return and purchase more from your website.

o Guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Your website should be designed in a manner that provides customers with plenty of information about the services you provide, including ways to contact your customer service department. If you cannot guarantee your customers that you provide high-quality products and service, then your customers will be less likely to shop with you again. In addition, if you do not provide customer service that is top-notch, your online traffic will not increase and your website will eventually lose users to competitors who provide better customer service.