How To Use Ad Extensions To Increase Your Online Sales

To increase online sales, begin by adding relevant ad units to your pay per click (PPC) advertisements. If you already run PPC advertisements, you understand that they appear high up in the rankings, above all other listings, and are capable of driving highly targeted traffic to your website. In addition, Ad Units help you create dynamic, attractive and compelling applications to the PPC format. Relevant keyword search terms in your advertisement allow your web site to climb higher on the search engine results page. Once there, your advertisements draw the attention of the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Thus, your advertising efforts help build trust in your product or service, increase sales, and expand your customer base.

Another way to increase online sales is through trust development. Trust development occurs when people come to believe in your product or service because they have been treated fairly and their needs have been satisfied. When people come to rely on you for their needs, their trust in you grows. As a result, your brand, your logo, and your product or service become more recognizable. When people come to trust you, they expect your company to represent you in just about every transaction they make. Thus, your company’s reputation becomes a lifeline in times of need.

Another way to increase online sales is through marketing. A well crafted, relevant, and effective marketing campaign will bring in an influx of new targeted customers. When users interact with your advertisers or marketing web sites, they are presented with opportunities to buy your products or services. If a user does not make a purchase after three attempts, they are sent back to the drawing board and your advertising costs increase. This type of response creates brand loyalty and increases the number of prospects that convert to buyers.

The ability to offer free shipping, on-time shipping, and same-day or next-day shipping has also been proven to increase online sales. When you offer free shipping and on-time shipping, potential clients are more apt to make purchases from your business. Just make sure you are able to make your promise to them before the date of your promised delivery. This will help increase your customer retention, which in turn, increases your bottom line.

Add text or banner ads are another way to increase online sales without cost. You can pay a small nominal fee each month, or a flat monthly fee, to have your ads displayed for free on selected websites or blogs. With this type of service, you can target specific markets, geographic areas, or keywords. If your company owns a brick-and-mortar store in a particular town, for example, you can list your business and its services in the ads, and if people click on your ads or view your blog, you may receive a bonus in stores or on your blog site.

Finally, if you want to increase online sales, build a relationship with your audience. Offer them free shipping on select items and a discount on your overall product or service. Offer them the possibility of receiving a special deal, like a discount or free shipping when they buy certain items. Place an ad for a “Condo Special” where you have a ten percent discount, or a “Buy One Get One Free” sale where you have a discount of fifty percent off your entire purchase. Build a strong relationship with your customers so they are more likely to choose you over your competitors when it comes to their shopping needs.