How to Leverage Guest Blogging and Social Media for SEO


How to Leverage Guest Blogging and Social Media for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has turned the internet into an information superhighway. People from all over the world can find the answers to their questions through online searches. However, your website will never be able to captivate the attention of the general public if your website does not rank high in the result pages of these popular search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. It’s not enough to produce beautiful content anymore; you must also optimize your web pages for the top ranking positions in the results pages.

If you own a Fortune 1000 business, you’d surely want to leave off-page seo out of your advertising strategy. It’s simply way too costly to compete with established brands in the advertising market. Off-page search rankings are necessary in order for you to dominate the competition in the off-page seo space. It will then be possible to build your brand name and brand image on the back of these high search rankings.

In order to help your business gain more visibility and to stay ahead of the competition, you must make sure that your website will not only get the traffic but also that it will generate brand mentions and backlinks. You cannot effectively promote your brand or business without brand mentions. Without good quality backlinks pointing to your site, it is hard for the audience to discover your website and it will be very difficult for you to maintain the momentum you’ve gained from a good SEO campaign. Broken links are also problematic and they can be a sign of poor backlink management. A lot of SEO experts say that it is better to have a single, well-optimized link from each relevant page on your website than to have a large number of poorly optimized links from every possible place.

Another important aspect of SEO that many people tend to forget is the concept of link building and reciprocal linking. If you are a new website owner, you would have heard about these concepts and may not be fully aware of their importance. Link building involves getting other webmasters to link to your site. In fact, Google recognizes the value of link popularity and has started to penalize publishers who do not take care of this aspect. An article by Kachru explains how guest blogging and reciprocal linking can help your SEO efforts:

Guest blogging is another way to gain SEO juice. Guest posting is when an experienced SEO writer posts on his blog his views and opinions on a particular topic and asks other webmasters to publish similar blogs with his views. The higher the PR of the webmaster who invited the guest, the more the SEO publisher will benefit. The reciprocal link gained through guest blogging will also help the SEO publisher. If the audience likes the contents of the guest post, they will automatically include it on their website.

There are several benefits that you get by using guest blogging as a part of your SEO plan. First, by including the views of a popular writer, readers and search engines will know what the author is all about. It is important that when you want people to see your brand, you need to present it in the best light. You can do this by having an engaging personality. Many people find it difficult to engage with a brand unless they like it; by including a guest blogger, your readers will realize that you are not just another boring company who doesn’t know anything about their industry.

Reciprocal linking is another way that you can enhance your SEO plan. Reciprocal linking is when you allow another website or a blog to include your URL in their site. This gives your brand a significant boost in terms of visibility and helps you compete with your competitors who haven’t yet adopted a linking strategy of their own.

The last eight steps that we have looked at work together to give SEO an extra boost. The first four topics are all about attracting the right people to link to you. The fifth topic deals with the importance of social media for SEO. The final topic talks about backlinks and how to engage in reciprocal linking. By creating content that is both interesting and informative, providing a great value to your audience, and creating an engaging personality, you will be well on your way to SEO success.