How to Increase Your Followers on Instagram With This Proven Strategy

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How to Increase Your Followers on Instagram With This Proven Strategy

With over 180 million users active on Instagram, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are seeking methods to increase followers. Your goal on Instagram is to connect with your audience regularly on an ongoing basis while also achieving more back links to your site. If you’re suffering from the aforementioned problems of low page rank, low traffic, and little sales; you can take care of these issues to assist you increase followers on Instagram:

Use of instagram user tags in your Instagram postings It used to be that Instagram only allowed certain types of instagram followers to use the #instagram keyword in their posts. That’s changing. Now Instagram allows anyone who wants to advertise their business or brand to include the #instagram keyword in their posts. This is a great way to not only gain new customers, but also gain back links to your site. If you haven’t already begun using instagram keywords in your instagram posts, now is the time to do so.

Posting viral instagram posts The viral nature of instagram posts makes them ideal for increasing followers and gaining back links. To make this task easier, you’ll want to focus on posting viral instagram posts that have wide appeal. When you try to market your business to individuals within your industry, you’ll likely find that you’re not reaching the target audience. On the other hand, posting a viral instagram post that attracts a wide variety of people can reach audiences that you may not have previously targeted. If you want to increase followers on Instagram without following everyone and everything, viral instagram posts are the answer.

Integrating an instagram feed Another way to increase followers on Instagram without following everyone and everything is to include an instagram feed on your site. By adding an instagram feed, you will be able to share your newest images with all of your followers. Unlike instagram photos, you will also be able to promote your site visitors and give them helpful information about your products and services. This is another way to generate more site visitors within your niche.

Promoting your products A great way to gain more followers on Instagram is by promoting your products using instagram images. Since instagram images tend to be higher quality and less intrusive than the images you see on other social media sites, you can easily convince people to purchase your products. There are a variety of ways to promote your products through instagram images. You can create a free instagram account and add product images that you create yourself, or you can pay for someone else to create them. The choice is yours, since paid instagram accounts are becoming the norm in marketing these days.

Branding yourself You can also benefit from branding yourself as a leader by including followers who follow you because they enjoy your content and want to engage with you and your site. For example, if you have a blog that is focused on teaching women about beauty trends, you can include an instagram post detailing one of your latest trends. People who are interested in your content are more likely to follow you on instagram so that they can learn more about the trend that you share. They are also more likely to engage with you and click on your links so that they can get more detailed information on the new trend.

Use Calls to Action It is important to use calls to action in all of your instagram posts to ensure that you get more followers. For example, when you write an instagram post about a new skin care product, you should encourage your followers to “like” or comment on your post. Even better, you should provide a link to a sales page for the product so that they can purchase it. It may also be helpful to offer a discount or coupon for purchasing the product. Either of these will entice many followers to contact you or even purchase your product.

Get Creative With Captions A caption is essential when you want to encourage engagement with your followers. In fact, the caption is actually more important than the image itself. The caption can tell your followers something about the images that you upload and also encourage them to click on your links. For example, if you upload a picture of a very attractive woman, but you use just a caption to say that she is “so hot,” there is a big chance that your followers will not click through to purchase your product. Instead, they will most likely engage with you and tell others about the photo that you posted.