How to Increase Retention Rates Through App installs and Push Notifications

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How to Increase Retention Rates Through App installs and Push Notifications

Many companies fail to understand or they don’t take the time to find out what their best practices are when it comes to customer retention and engagement. In many cases, these companies only focus on customer satisfaction and marketing and promotion and do not put in the time to improve the level of customer retention and engagement. There is a very simple reason for this; they want to see the biggest return on their advertising dollar as possible, but if retention and engagement drop as a result of changes at the top, they are going to be poorly affected because of the money they invested in those changes. So how can you follow up on customer service improvement to increase retention? Here are some of the best practices:

Give your customers real value before offering them anything up front. In other words, when you give a customer a free gift, offer them that same service with a discount on another product they may need down the road. This not only offers your customer value upfront, but it also provides a way for your customer to get additional services or products from you in the future at no cost. The more value (and discounted items) you offer your customers up front the better off you are going to be in terms of retention and engagement.

Track your analytics to understand where your audience is coming from and how they are being served. With today’s digital marketing tools and analytics platforms, retention rates can be readily monitored and measured. These analytics can provide you with information about where your customers are spending their time and that of your current promotions are working the best. Tracking your analytics will help you determine what is working and what isn’t.

Offering your customers value and tracking their digital marketing experience is only the first step in winning their trust and confidence. You also need to provide them with content that will engage them, so they continue to come back to you. A great way to encourage repeat visitors to your site is by offering them special offers, free downloads or just great customer service. All of these activities will drive up retention rates and increase loyalty from repeat customers.

There are a number of other things that you can do to ensure that you are providing the best possible customer experience, while increasing brand value. Following the simple guide above will provide a solid foundation to build on, but here are a few other helpful tips:

Tracking your analytics will provide the foundation for measuring whether or not the offers and promotions you are providing are working the best for your company and create maximum loyalty. Paying close attention to which marketing strategies are working for your customers will provide the guidance you need to develop and implement new campaigns. Implementing the best practices that have been proven effective for other companies will also increase your chances for increased brand loyalty and retention.

Finally, measuring the success of your customer journey and engagement will provide insight into the areas that need improvement. By measuring key elements like open rate, return on investment (ROI), and click-through rate, you will be able to provide objective insights into your marketing efforts. Knowing which marketing strategies are yielding the best results will allow you to tailor your future campaigns to better yield the same results. Measuring the results from your customer journey and engagement will help you make smart decisions about where to spend your advertising dollars, which products to offer, and which media to support. Ultimately, the goals of increasing customer loyalty, increasing customer engagement, and increasing customer retention should all be aligned with your company’s business objectives.

As we look ahead towards the next few years, it is clear that there will be many changes to the way in which businesses operate. Increasing customer retention and driving greater value through the use of mobile apps and mobile email, has the potential to impact your bottom line. When deciding on which strategies to implement, it is important to weigh the overall costs versus the expected returns. Implementing an app or two today will provide a solid foundation for your business in the future, but pushing out new, untested apps and push notifications will ultimately determine whether or not you have achieved your business goals.