How to Increase Online Sales Through Social Media Advertising

Increase Online Sales with geo-targeted ads is not a new concept. Geo-targeting has been around for quite some time in the form of location-based marketing. However, with Internet usage soaring and with more companies relying on eCommerce to provide value added online solutions, it makes sense to extend this method of advertising to include customer loyalty programs.

The basic idea behind geo-targeted advertising is that you provide your website content in a manner that is specific to the geographic location of your visitors. In other words, rather than promoting your website globally, you provide it only to visitors coming from a certain area. This makes your website relevant and increases the chances of repeat visits and purchases. This process requires extensive research and planning on the part of the web marketing experts. There are several options available for this.

For example, some companies provide the additional service of providing a custom landing page where a user can opt-in to be contacted whenever a relevant offer is made. These pages can be customized according to the user’s preferences. The use of analytics for this purpose helps the company in determining which content is appealing to the visitors, which conversion factors lead to conversions and which of the various offers leads to purchases. With this data in hand, the advertisers can focus their marketing dollars wisely and create content that will help users make a buying decision. This also helps them in measuring the effectiveness of their various advertising campaigns.

Another method of getting more value for your marketing dollars is to engage customers in an influencer marketing program. With influencer marketing, you are working with a group of like-minded business owners who have an interest in connecting with potential customers and increasing their business. You create a free video series that introduces your products or services. You then invite people to share the videos that they have viewed with their friends through social media channels, blogs and other platforms.

As mentioned earlier, this form of advertising involves using social media advertising in place of traditional advertising. The challenge is in finding ways to create a more appealing ad campaign that is more compelling than the competition. Many companies have discovered that engaging in creative ad campaigns with great messages helps them increase sales conversions. Companies may also want to consider using extrinsic motivation techniques such as viral videos to get more attention for their ads. A good example would be the viral video series “How To Get Leads” that was produced by Darryl Sucher and was used by companies to increase their sales conversions.

Finally, many companies have learned that effective Internet marketing requires them to conduct both internal and external surveys to find out what potential customers search for when they perform searches using search terms associated with their products and services. By understanding what people are searching for, you can begin to provide more targeted ads. If the ads that are created are more attractive and stand out from competing ads, customers will likely continue to browse through your site and purchase products and services on your website because of the attractiveness of your ads.