How to Increase Online Sales Through Customer Loyalty Programs

You can increase online sales revenue and profits with the right tactics. The first five tips we have covered are important, but Geo-targeting is one of the most powerful ways to get more sales. Try these 25 tricks to begin closing more deals online:

Increase Online Sales

Use Remarketing to close more deals. In addition to sending email advertisements to consumers in their areas of influence, many business owners are discovering that it’s also good to send out ads to consumers who have responded to the original invitation in one way or another. Ask clients to forward you their latest emails. Remarketing offers great advantages over bulk mail, and it can be a highly effective strategy.

Tell customers what they want. Rather than simply informing consumers of your products and services, tell them what they want. Think of email campaigns as a form of customer service, because what they want most often is to hear from you. Sending an email with an attached capture page allows you to remind consumers of something that they dearly need or want.

Use testimonials to build trust. One of the simplest ways to encourage consumers to buy from you is to provide them with testimonials about how satisfied they are with your service or product. Instagram selling is all about Instagram photos, but many businesses have found it very helpful to turn these photos into a promotional tool, particularly when they include real customers asking questions and providing testimonials. Testimonials can increase trust and loyalty, which are something every marketer strives for.

Use local customers in your social media marketing efforts. Everyone knows that it’s more effective to promote your products and services to local customers. For example, you can get more exposure by connecting with small-business owners on Instagram than you would reach out to large national retailers. On Instagram, you can add a link to your website, and you can give away a discount if your customer refers a friend. For larger businesses, reaching out to local customers through direct messages is a great way to increase online sales.

Promote curbside pickup. The goal of online sales strategies today is to increase customer loyalty. Many businesses have seen great success by implementing a customer loyalty program such as offering an extra discount for customers who bring their purchases to the customer’s curbside pickup location. This not only creates a great customer experience for customers who are nearby but also provides additional incentives for customers to purchase more items at your business.

Use Facebook and twitter to market your business. One of the easiest ways to market your business is to use Facebook and twitter to engage customers in conversation. Schedule posts and news announcements so you can keep in touch with current customers and potential customers. In addition, many businesses have seen great success in scheduling customer events such as pick-up parties at local businesses or outside events where customers can meet and greet the storefront.

Keep your customers in the loop. If you aren’t sending regular customer emails, take the time to send them emails informing them of new items or specials your business is offering. Make sure you provide detailed information about the products you are promoting so customers will be excited to check out what you’re selling. For instance, announce that you’re hosting a discount event featuring a $10 stein kettle or a free bottle of wine during your store’s happy hour. You can also provide links for local restaurants or ice cream stores within your community so your loyal customers will share that information with friends and family.