How to Increase Consumer Loyalty

Increase Online Sales

How to Increase Consumer Loyalty

Top 12 ways to increase online sales with experiences include geo-targeted ads, consumer loyalty programs, email advertising campaigns, and product demos. Combine all these strategies together and you’ll drive even more traffic to your site and hopefully increase your overall sales in no time! Let’s look at each of these individually.

Geo-Targeting An additional way to increase online sales with a social media marketing campaign is geo-targeting. Basically, you want to be sending your advertisements to the people who would be most interested in buying whatever it is that you are offering. If your product or service is for babies, but you’re promoting another niche of baby lovers, there’s a chance that people in your main niche won’t be aware of your site unless they happen to find it through a search query. By geo-targeting, you send the appropriate advertisement to those people who have a common interest in the niche you’re in. For example, you might send an advertisement to those people who are baby boomers, which might be a slightly broader audience than the people who are born in the early 1970s.

Increase Site Speed Another great way to boost your conversion rates on your site is to improve your site speed. Studies have shown that increasing your site speed by a couple of minutes can make a dramatic difference in conversion rates. So if you want to increase sales and increase your customer experience, consider investing in an experience based web hosting package for your ecommerce store. With experience web hosting, you can get higher page ranks and more search engine traffic, all while improving your site speed and reducing your server costs.

Increase Consumer Loyalty Another way to increase online sales and attract new consumers is to develop a consumer loyalty program. When loyal customers come back to your site, they are more likely to buy from you again. If you offer consumers loyalty perks, such as free shipping or free product samples, you increase consumer loyalty and you increase online sales.

Advertise on Specific Sites If you want to increase online sales, you need to advertise on sites that will bring in a specific consumer segment. For instance, if you are selling to baby boomers, there are specific websites that are known for buying products during this particular holiday season. Some companies like Google and Yahoo let you target specific consumer segments by using specific keywords. Other companies like Facebook allow you to advertise to a smaller, more targeted audience.

Increase Consumer Service If you want to increase online sales, you need to offer a higher level of customer service. Many businesses have realized the power of email marketing. But for some consumers, email has become a cause of irritation, if not outright annoyance. You can increase customer service by creating an email marketing campaign that targets a younger demographic. Companies like Facebook let you target younger audiences with geo-targeting ads or special email campaigns that give them the option to opt out of certain ads based on their age.

Use Reviews to Increase Consumer Loyalty Finally, you can use reviews to increase online sales through a consumer loyalty program. One of the reasons that companies like Amazon have been successful is that they do not advertise. Instead, they use reviews and recommendations from other buyers to sell more books and ebooks. The same strategy can be used to increase consumer loyalty. Review programs let users join for free and then they can vote for the best products that their fellow buyers recommend.

The Power of Social Media Another way to increase online sales and attract a specific consumer segment is to use social media to promote your company. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great ways to attract people who are already interested in your industry. Using these platforms to promote your business allows you to engage in conversation with your customers. You can also use viral strategies to send out messages about your company and encourage your friends to connect with you. These are just a few ideas that can help you increase consumer loyalty and increase your profitability as you launch new products and services.