How To Improve Google Page Rank Factors

Search Engine Optimization has been around for years as a way of improving the rank of websites on the internet. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the basic idea is to use keywords and content to attract visitors to a website. The more people who visit a website, the higher the ranking the website will have. So how can you use the latest search news to improve your SEO rankings?


The biggest update to SEO so far was the Google Panda Update. Google wants its results to be based on real users, not just bots. This meant that the ranking factors had to be based on user searches and their location. It also meant that sites had to include a certain number of high-quality links.

So how do you make the most of the Google Panda Update? One way is to work on your user experience. This may not sound like SEO but it is an important part of SEO. Many SEO experts argue that making the user experience better through SEO increases rankings. However, this does depend on a number of factors. If you want to keep your SEO rankings then you should ensure that the above elements are true for your website.

For instance, if your website doesn’t have much content, then you shouldn’t worry about the latest updates. The only thing that you should really be concerned about are the internal linking structures that you have in place. The internal linking structure is used to tell Google what your pages are about. If these SEO ranking factors are updated then you will be likely to fall behind other companies who have implemented the update without any real effort. The best way of implementing the latest SEO guidelines is to implement them yourself. Once you have them implemented, and you see your web traffic rising then you can consider having some more professional help update your internal linking structure.

Some SEO experts have argued that Google’s new update was too big a change for many businesses to understand. This is why many websites and online business owners resorted to using “SEM strategies” to try and cope with the changes in SEO. However, this type of SEO strategy is actually the opposite of what you would want to do as they do not provide you with enough SEO benefit to keep your rankings up.

In essence, SEM strategies will just slow you down because they request a lot of data from Google. Google does not usually like web pages that are crawling slowly. The only reason that Google will crawl a fast web page is if it contains very relevant links pointing back to it. Google wants to give you a good rating so it will usually prefer to crawl the pages that have links pointing back to them, even though they may be crawling slowly.

This is why many people think that the recent news regarding Google’s new news feature has been negative towards SEO professionals. Many SEO experts will argue that they are doing nothing wrong as the news about the news feature itself was all about making the Google page experience more enjoyable for users and not necessarily about improving their rankings. If you want to be able to keep your SEO up to date all you need to do is to make sure that you submit your web pages for the news feeds to the right places.

To check whether you need to update your SEO strategy, make sure that you visit Google’s webmaster forum to read more about recent updates on Google page ranking factors. Google released three new updates recently. These updates are not very significant to SEO experts. They are however important for internet marketers who are looking to build high quality links and increase their Google page ranking factors. With these SEO tips you should be able to see that the recent updates by Google have been very beneficial to SEO efforts.