How To Do An SEO Audit

SEO Audit

How To Do An SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit? A professional, unbiased audit of your current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is conducted to reveal both the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence. Many companies perform audits on a yearly basis and some do so more frequently. If you are unsure when it makes sense to conduct an SEO audit, consider the following benefits:

It can point out potential problems that could cost you significant money in the future. An audit will reveal the number of times each of the components described above has been tested. This can help you determine whether any of your technical decisions or implementation strategies are flawed. A thorough SEO audit will also reveal misspellings and other errors that might be costing you in terms of search engine optimization rankings. Also, if the testing points out a problem, it may be able to be solved before a new strategy is put into place.

It will cover each component individually to make sure they are performing well. SEO is a dynamic science that changes rapidly. New updates and tactics for search engine optimization should be tested as each strategy is developed. If one strategy is not working as well as another, it will be tested and changed immediately so that the next piece of SEO works as efficiently as possible.

The following questions will help you get an objective view of your current SEO strategy. How many words per page? What is the average word count for each page? Do you have any missing keywords? Which keywords are the most used?

In addition to checking the content, we’ll also look at your links and page titles. Are they properly optimized? Do your backlinks follow the links to their destinations? Is your page content keyword stuffed? These are all issues that should be examined closely during a SEO audit.

In order to test your SEO, you’ll need to write a small script or application and install it onto your server. The application will return a summary of the page’s crawling activity to you. It will show you if your scripts are keyword stuffed and if your pages are not properly optimized. This can all be done from a remote location.

When you examine your crawling activity against the objectives, you will find that you have achieved or exceeded some goals. Now it’s time to measure and make sure that these objectives are still in line with your overall business goals. A good SEO consultant will be able to walk you through this process. You will have a report of the crawl activity each day. You can review this report at your leisure. It will give you a good idea of where you need to improve.

You will need to make sure that there are no broken links within the site. This is a common issue that causes Google to eliminate pages that are passed over quickly by their search engine. If you have internal links, you will need to make certain they are in good order. This will help you maintain your search engine rankings. A SEO audit can take time, but when you consider the time and effort that it takes to produce a high quality page, you are ahead of the game. You can increase your page ranking and create more traffic with a little diligence and careful observation of your linking strategy.

Once you have verified that your links are valid, you should make sure that you keep them active. Most webmaster tools provide a link monitor that will notify you when new links are created. In addition, you should always make sure that your web pages have been submitted to all the search engines that you wish to appear on. Make sure that you follow the guidelines for submission, so that your page does not get lost in the billions of other pages that are submitted daily.

Another aspect of SEO is the quality of your keyword anchor text. Your anchor text is what people will actually click on when they enter your page in the search engine. It must be relevant to the information on your page. It should be natural. Don’t stuff keywords into anchor text that do not relate to the information on your web page.

You should also watch out for low quality listings in Google. There are many instances of low quality websites being listed as high quality by Google. In addition, you should watch out for listing of sites that are selling things that are not actually on the site. For example, if a site is selling a video game, then it does not make sense to sell video games on your page. In these cases, you may want to look into some additional SEO services that can help you increase traffic and ranking with Google and other search engines.