How to Conduct SEO Audits

What to Include in an SEO Audit Report. An SEO audit is generally comprised of three main parts: A thorough, comprehensive examination of your current SEO efforts; Education for your clients on how Internet marketing works and what it takes to be successful on the web; and A review of those services that have been completed for your company. The first two parts are the most important. How to audit your current campaigns is another important consideration. Keyword competition analysis, for example, can be an integral part of this part of the process.

SEO Audit

What to include in an SEO Audit Report. An SEO audit involves looking at the numbers, identifying those that are functioning properly, determining what changes need to be made, analyzing what is working and what needs to be improved and then developing a plan to address these issues. This type of report can help you identify weaknesses that can cause you to lose customers, increase your search engine rankings, or both. As you conduct these audits, make a list of the various areas that you are addressing with these efforts, such as improving website usability, improving site content quality, increasing your page rank, and resolving issues with content relevancy, among other areas.

How to perform an SEO audit. An SEO audit involves looking at the traffic you are receiving, the ranking of your web pages, any evidence of duplicate content, any broken links, any other issues that may be contributing to slower performance by the search engines, and the overall performance of your website. This type of search engine optimization check list can help you get more out of your current efforts and spot opportunities to improve your business.

How to conduct an SEO audit of incoming links. One of the most important things to check on when you are doing an audit of your website’s SEO efforts is to look for any evidence that you are exchanging links with websites that may not be appropriate for your page size, which may negatively impact your page speed and effectiveness. A great way to determine whether or not you are exchanging links is to read through the source code of the links that you are exchanging. If you find any suspicious strings or HTML elements that you think might be placed there by bots, then it is likely that you are exchanging links that are not relevant to your site.

How to conduct an SEO audit of social media sites. A good SEO consultant will be able to tell you whether or not your keywords and backlinks are being collected by the major social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can learn a lot about your optimization strategy from examining the data that is gathered, such as the number of people who have been linked to your page, their age, their location, their language preferences, their likes and dislikes, and the keywords they used to search for your page. While performing an SEO audit of social media, you should also look for evidence of keyword misspellings or poorly optimized URLs.

How to conduct an on-page SEO audit of your web pages. The best SEO consultants will tell you upfront that they cannot promise that your page will rank as high in Google as some other site. For this reason, they cannot make guarantees about the ranking of pages outside of Google’s guidelines. However, an on-page SEO audit can be conducted to find out what technical and organizational factors may be causing your SEO to fall behind competitors. This type of audit can be helpful in finding areas of your website design and content that are lacking in usability and can lead to higher conversions.

How to perform a technical SEO audit. To ensure that your on-page SEO has been effective in ranking well with search engines, it is necessary to determine why the SEO was assigned in the first place. To conduct a technical SEO audit of your site, identify what areas of your site need improvements in terms of user experience.

Technical SEO audits are designed to help search engines understand how your site works. Although most technical SEO audits are relatively short, they can still provide valuable feedback about where you could make improvements to increase your page rank and improve user experience. Many seo specialists offer complimentary audits to help clients identify areas for improvement. By engaging in regular technical seo audits, you can ensure that your page rank is effective, your links are working, and that your content is informative and well-optimized.