How the Google Algorithm Has Changed Link Building Strategies

Google Algorithm

How the Google Algorithm Has Changed Link Building Strategies

Google has recently admitted their mistakes and announced two major algorithm updates. Google claims to update their search algorithm many thousand times a year. However, in most cases, Google updates are simply too little to notice. However, occasionally, Google brings out a major algorithm change which completely disables various SEO techniques for months or even years.

The first major algorithm change was the introduction of Penguin, or the Google Penguin updates, to the search engines. Penguin was designed to reduce spam by focusing on quality content in web pages instead of focusing on backlinks. The goal was to prevent websites from using the same URL for high volume search queries, such as, “how to build a website” and, “online business tips.”

After the Penguin update, Google’s ranking system was changed to the Google Big Daddy update, which is the second major algorithm change. The Google Big Daddy updates reduced the quality scores that webmasters were able to apply to their site. Many experts speculate that Google may be looking to reduce the amount of spam that is transmitted to its users. The Google Big Daddy updates decreased the quality score of many pages across the internet, which caused their rankings to decrease.

Google attempted to reverse this trend by releasing the Google Panda updates, which banned the application of many spam strategies, including the use of software called X Rebirth. However, many savvy marketers used X Rebirth to continue spamming Google with backlinks. As a result of this short-term Google Algorithm Update, many webmasters turned to link building in an attempt to regain rankings.

The Google Panda and Google Penguin updates effectively killed off the Google panda and penguin ranking factors altogether. So how does a webmaster to stay on top of the competition? Link building is a popular option among webmasters because it does not take up much time, but can give your website huge returns in terms of traffic and rankings. In order to effectively use link building, you will need to employ certain link building strategies that will help your website gain higher rankings. However, before you can execute these strategies, it is important to understand the Google Penguin and Panda updates.

Google Penguin and Google Panda updates were released to attempt to clean out the SEO spam by eliminating links that are coming from low quality websites or spam marketing techniques. As webmasters, you are probably aware of the many ways to rank well for your keywords. Google has attempted to implement a better way of doing so through these updates. For example, the Google Penguin updates was designed to increase the level of quality in links, while the Google Panda updates was designed to limit the number of links from sites that are over two years old.

With these two major updates, webmasters will have to start implementing their link building strategies for success. While the Google algorithms aren’t changing all that dramatically, webmasters will definitely need to take note of the changes that occur. The Google algorithms still state that a website’s quality score is the most important element in determining a website’s ranking factor. However, they have recognized the importance of limiting the number of link farms and spammy websites that are being used to improve their rankings. By implementing proper link building tactics, you will be able to successfully get your site ranked as highly as possible for your chosen keywords.

In addition to the Google Algorithm updates, spam has become extremely difficult to deal with on the internet. Spam is a problem that has affected many websites, especially the smaller ones. While some webmasters have resorted to creating the ultimate spammy website, others have attempted to solve their problems by resorting to link building strategies. However, while some methods work perfectly fine, others are bound to fail completely. If your main goal is to create a quality website, then it’s important to invest your time and effort into creating quality links so that your site will be as successful as possible.