How Testimonials Can Increase Online Sales

Increase Online Sales

How Testimonials Can Increase Online Sales

Strategies to increase online sales with internet marketing solutions are often a mixture of old-fashioned direct marketing and maximizing online advertising services. To say some, these internet marketing tools comprise search engine optimization techniques, which include keyword stuffing, ad placements, and link building. Others employ social media marketing strategies such as publishing content on discussion forums and forum sites and optimizing websites via backlinks, web analytics, etc. Still others build reputation marketing schemes such as writing reviews of products or services, participating in online discussion forums, etc., that generate a positive reputation for the business in question. And the most innovative, monetized strategies to increase online sales via internet marketing solutions incorporate the use of targeted ads, which are advertisements that are purposefully designed to be highly-focused towards a very specific audience, or a group of individuals that share a particular interest.

Recently, Google launched AdSense, a contextual advertising program, that allows web publishers to display relevant ads on selected web pages. Publishers who join the program can display relevant ads according to a pre-set policy, and get paid by taking a portion of every click generated from customers that come to their pages through those ads. This program, paired with Google’s own demographics software, has made it easier than ever for businesses large and small to create custom ads that are targeted towards their audience and have the potential to bring in massive profits. The results are immediate. Within 48 hours after publication of a blog post on popular social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, the relative demographics of the page were calculated, and an advertisement was placed within a highly-targeted area of the page where interested readers typically hang out.

In the past, it was not always easy for businesses to attract customers, particularly older, male customers, who form the core of the buying base and the demographic that typically contributes to an increase online sales. It often required a massive marketing campaign, or an in-depth study of local market demographics, in order to produce a successful advertising and marketing strategy. Now, however, it is relatively easy to tap into a highly targeted group of customers, based on their interests, preferences, and prior experience with a brand. A simple search on the likes of Facebook or Twitter can yield a multitude of targeted ads, many of which are highly relevant, tailored to match the information provided by the user, so as to provide the best possible experience for the most appropriate customer.

Testimonials can also be used in order to increase online sales. Testimonials provide the perfect opportunity to gain honest user experience feedback from other customers, thereby allowing businesses to identify strengths and weaknesses, and work on implementing new strategies in order to make improvements where needed. Testimonials may also be used in conjunction with demographic analysis in order to pinpoint specific demographics where the greatest consumer buying power can be found.

In addition to relying upon customer testimonials to boost online sales, social media can also be used as a platform to drive more sales. Social media outlets such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are all potential venues in which customers can voice their opinions and experiences, posting content that can be shared and enjoyed by millions. Additionally, social media allows customers to share links to articles they’ve read or videos they’ve watched. With millions of users posting on a daily basis, this creates a large window of opportunity for businesses to grab a hold of a trending topic and use it as a basis for generating online advertising and marketing campaigns. Many large companies have used social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness of upcoming product releases and special promotions.

Ad extensions are also a great way to enhance the visibility of a business. These are special software programs that are installed directly onto a web server and allow the company to include their URL and branding across the surface of the website. The benefits of these types of ad extensions are that they help to increase the credibility of the company and allow customers to get a closer look at the products and services they’re purchasing. While many people think that ad extensions only serve to enhance the company’s credibility by flooding the marketplace with ads, this isn’t the case.

Testimonials can also be used in order to increase online sales and brand recognition. Testimonials are written by current and former customers that share their experience with the company in question. For example, a consumer may write a review that mentions the quality of the service but doesn’t provide specific metrics to rate the service. The review will not only provide information for other potential customers, it will also provide information that can be used by the website owner in creating their own page and rating system. Testimonials provide customers with an objective opinion about a product and can be easily verified by conducting business with the company. In addition, reviews can be posted on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, providing the link to the original website and helping to build the credibility of the brand.

There are many other ways that testimonials and ad copies can be used to increase online sales. The bottom line is that they serve as proof that a customer actually uses a particular product or service and provides feedback that will help other potential customers to make a decision about buying from that company. By using testimonials and other forms of internet marketing, the brand will become more recognizable to potential customers, which will lead to greater sales and a larger client base.