How Social Media Can Increase Engagement

Whether they are posting high quality content or none, it is extremely common for online brands to post little to no social engagement due to the lack of time. Drawing from real world experience, here are three effective ways to increase engagement in the future. I call them the “digital marketing secret weapons of the internet age.” They can be used to leverage all available tools of the digital age together to promote your business and its related offers. Here they are:

* Quality Content: No one will engage in digital marketing if they don t have the correct information to start with. Content creation, by definition, incorporates interactivity and entertainment. As you create and share quality content, the more your followers will come back for more and be engaged with what you have to say next. It is the perfect platform to increase engagement because you can build a following that includes not only followers who are already interested in what you have to say, but also users who haven t expressed any interest at all to date.

* Social Media Marketing: Engagement starts and ends with the users and their networks. As a digital marketing specialist working with SMM, you must remain visible and engaged in the conversations happening in your consumer’s social network space. Social media marketing is the platform to which you will likely expand and gain deeper insight into the consumer’s life and their buying decisions. This is key to increase engagement, but also to spark engagement where you can’t achieve it otherwise.

* Employee Engagement: If customers feel that they can easily engage with someone who represents their business, they will do so. An employee represents your business, but if the consumer feels that their questions can be answered easily or quickly, they are more likely to follow through and be a loyal consumer. Your employees are part of your overall customer loyalty and engagement strategy. The best businesses are those that engage their employees on an emotional level. And that emotional engagement feeds into a desire to lead, per se a desire to increase engagement and a desire to create customer loyalty.

* Branding: Content is king. When consumers are looking for information, they are looking for something they can trust. When you have something they can trust, they will spend time seeking out your content. Content is the perfect vehicle to have this content defined and engaged. Content-based spark engagement campaigns are a great way to increase engagement.

* Influencers: As discussed above, influencing influencers can often be a great way to engage your audience. However, influencers are typically in different stages of their own marketing career. When you engage with influencers, you give them an opportunity to engage with your content through marketing opportunities that allow them to spread your message further.

* Analytics: Using analytics is critical when creating any type of marketing campaign. Whether it be new features or analytics for existing campaigns, incorporating analytics into your strategy can be a fantastic way to increase engagement. Many companies don’t take full advantage of analytics. They do take advantage of it in smaller ways, such as helping you identify your customers in a new setting, which is important because it helps you understand who is your target audience. But integrated analytics can also provide you with more granularity, which is what you need to help you create the brand in the right light.

Ultimately, your strategy should be built around a combination of content, influencers, and analytics. Creating a plan will help you determine where you should go next to engage your audience more fully. Creating the right content, engaging your audience, and then providing them with tools to share that content is the first step in achieving this. This plan should then evolve as your brand grows, as your audience changes, and as social media engagement moves forward.