How Review Sites Can Increase Your Cross-sell and Loyalty Programs

Increase Online Sales

How Review Sites Can Increase Your Cross-sell and Loyalty Programs

In these difficult economic times, it is imperative that you focus on how to increase online sales. This does not mean spending a fortune on media buys, or fancy new store designs. In fact, many of the best ideas for doing this are already in place. Consider these 12 strategies and start creating a more profitable online business.

Yes, that’s easier said than done. However, as the old adage goes, nothing profitable comes easy! Top 12 ways to increase online sales by leveraging consumer reviews. Combine this with geo-targeting ads, and you have a great way to drive more consumers to your site.

Give consumers a choice of where they buy. The days of just local shopping are over. Consumers want choice when it comes to where they buy. With a geo-targeted consumer loyalty program, you will be able to give consumers options.

Let consumers experience what it is like to shop with you. One of the best ways to increase online sales is to engage consumers on Facebook. Facebook is a great way to give consumers an experience before purchasing from you. Consumers who experience your business first will be more likely to make a purchase from you. Add a consumer loyalty program to your Facebook profile and invite others to experience your business with you.

Review your reviews. Many consumers only do business with businesses that offer honest and clear reviews. If you want to increase online sales, start reviewing your business with the public. Posting honest reviews about your business is a great way to win over new customers and continue to drive sales.

Use geo-targeting to boost your brands. When using geo-targeting, you can target a specific group of consumers based on their location. For example, if your business offers services in New York and Florida, you can use geo-targeting to only reach these consumers. This is another way to increase online sales since consumers in these two states are more likely to purchase a product or service than people living in other states.

Get your brand out where consumers can see it. If you post reviews on review sites and get your business in the news, consumers will be exposed to your brand. Posting news on social media is another way to increase online sales because consumers will read your posts and get to know your business. You can even use geo-targeting ads to reach consumers in your area who are not already online and may not know about your business by searching for products and services that are similar to the one you offer.

Social media and review sites are just some of the ways to target consumers through geo-targeting and review sites. This kind of marketing effort can be very effective because consumers will connect with your brand on a personal level. It makes them feel that they know “you” even before they’ve met or seen your face. The more connections you make with a consumer, the better their likelihood of buying from you, which means more chances for you to increase online sales.

Start posting reviews on popular review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Super Pages to increase exposure of your brand. Yelp and Angie’s List have found that 70% of customers leave reviews on their restaurants after visiting them so this is an excellent place to start. Super Pages is another place worth checking out as this is a venue where people can share their thoughts about local stores and businesses. There are literally hundreds of reviews on these sites so it’s a good idea to post geo-targeted ads there to reach a specific group of buyers.

Posting and reading reviews is only one way to increase online sales but it’s another way to use geo-targeting. Using this approach online, you can easily increase your exposure by targeting buyers in your own city. You can also find buyers based on the region that you’re located in. For example, if you sell shoes in San Diego then you can post ads on Craigslist for men that are within a 2 hour drive. That’s a much more specific way to reach a certain demographic than simply targeting everyone in the United States.

There are also other ways how review sites work great for promoting your business. You can build a list of people who are already interested in your product or service. Posting on these sites provides another way in which your buyers can be connected to you. Review sites encourage customers to give their opinions on your products and therefore it’s a great way how increase online sales.

Build a relationship with other businesses and you can cross-sell. One great way how these sites work is that you get to earn a commission on every sale you make. When you build a relationship with other businesses, they will reward you by giving you a commission on all of their sales. This means that you are building trust and loyalty with your customers so when you sell their products you will have a higher rate of success because of your relationships. Another way how build cross-sell and loyalty programs is to sign up for email marketing lists. These lists will provide you with a huge list of potential loyal customers.