How Google Algorithm Changes Can Affect SEO Rankings

A Google algorithm update is essentially a change in how Google classifies sites in its search results. These changes may be subtle and go undetected, or they may be major and affect your rankings almost overnight. But why exactly does Google have to constantly update its algorithms?

Google Algorithm

One of the most significant Google algorithm changes was the introduction of Penguin and Panda. These two major algorithm changes affected many different areas of site ranking. The first major algorithm change was the introduction of Penguin, which banned the use of certain types of anchor text from being used on websites. This made websites less competitive and instead attracted more links from authoritative sources. Penguin and Panda also banned the use of keywords as content keywords and replaced them with generic terms.

These updates caused some major problems for certain webmasters. Google quickly noticed that some websites were suffering from reduced rankings and traffic drops. Google quickly responded by removing these affected sites from the indexing pool entirely. This caused search engines to scramble to find new ways of obtaining high ranking for websites that had experienced algorithm updates.

Google has not introduced any similar algorithm updates since then. However, Google is said to be readying itself to introduce another major update called Penguin. It’s rumoured that Google is readying to ditch the Panda and Penguin algorithms in the future in favour of a new system called Google Plus. If this does come about, we could potentially see a major shift in the rankings of search engine results, with some webmasters struggling to stay afloat.

In addition to the above-mentioned algorithm updates, Google has not issued any other major updates since April 2021. The only major update that Google has made regarding ranking and traffic since then is the Google Content Network initiative. The latest Google update revolves around two different initiatives. The first initiative brought about through Google apps, which are software applications designed specifically for the Google search engine. The second initiative is the Google+ Local project, which seeks to integrate social media into the core ranking algorithm updates.

As per several sources, Google is readying to introduce yet another algorithm change, one which will likely affect the ranking of websites as seen through Google’s existing search engine. The latest rumour surrounding this is the introduction of the Google Penguin updates. The reason behind Penguin’s update is to combat spam. The Google Penguin updates saw websites that have low quality content to counteract the low quality links provided by disreputable websites, hence resulting in a penalty on the Penguin website ranking.

According to several reports, Google’s recent update on ranking has led to the lowering down of the search engine results page ranking (SERP) of sites that are heavily populated by bots. The Google Algorithm changes brought about by Google apps has indirectly affected the SERPs of such websites. This would directly affect the rankings of websites that have heavy Bot activity on the web. However, Google states that the result of this new algorithm change hasn’t been directly observed yet. However, a major algorithm update that Google has started is the Google+ Local project. This would directly introduce the Google+ social feature on the search engine results pages.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed the news and states that they are working on the Google+ Local project along with several other new algorithm updates. Google states that they are focusing on improving the experience of the end user and providing better ways for the users to connect with their brands and businesses. The major algorithm updates that Google has introduced so far have included the Panda update and the Penguin update. Google states that they are constantly working towards improving the user experience on the Internet and that is why they have constantly worked on bringing out new features, tools and algorithms regularly. Google penguin is another example of one of their latest algorithm changes that have seen to the rise of the company’s high search rankings.