How Does SEO Help in Search Engine Ranking?

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the act of optimizing your web pages and web sites for better search engine rankings. And the term optimize your SEO means taking steps to make sure that your site appears in the top results of a search engine’s result page (SERP). The main objective of SEO is to boost traffic to your web site. This can be done by increasing your ranking in SERPs.


There are many SEO factors that you have to consider in order to rank higher in SERPs. These are page speed, page content, meta tags, keywords, and content optimization techniques. If any one of these factors miss the mark, your SEO campaign will be a failure. Let us analyze these three SEO factors for further discussion.

First of all, let us discuss page speed. According to experts, Google has increased their page size limit to 10 MBs. So, if your webpage takes more than this length, Google may penalize you for Slow Web Page Load. In case of Google’s rule, your SEO campaign will be a failure.

Another important factor is related to web page experience. Experts advise to maintain user experience as high as possible so that users enjoy browsing your site. A good user experience increases SEO ranking potential. The other top factors which have an impact on rankings include meta tags, keywords, URL structure and algorithms used by Google.

There is some confusion whether you should do SEO on organic or inorganic listings. Experts advise both strategies to generate maximum organic rankings. It is observed that the organic rankings are much more flexible and can easily adapt to any change in search engine algorithms. In case of inorganic listings, however, there is only one way of removing the link such as a reciprocal link or by using black hat SEO techniques like link farms etc.

In case of both organic and inorganic listings, the key is relevancy. In case of SEO friendly URLs, it is always better to use keywords in the URL rather than meaningless strings of characters. The major search engines give more weight to organic rankings and this holds true even for paid advertising.

Another point worth mentioning is that paid advertisements can artificially boost up the image of the website and can fool the search engines. So, image sources selection is very important. On the other hand, seo friendly URL makes SEO friendly but this makes image sourcing very difficult. The importance of image source is stressed more when the advertisement is not associated with any URL.

These SEO techniques are very crucial to make your site SEO friendly. While SEO techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages, these are very important to get higher search engine rankings. There is no doubt that sex is a time consuming process and results show only after months of work. But, the benefits you get at the end are worth the efforts. It helps to create traffic and generate leads and sales. Hence, it is the most sought after method in internet marketing today.

First of all, it is very essential to create unique content for a website. The unique content ensures the existence of an identity and the quality of the information increases as your site develops over time. Moreover, the search engine ranking factors give more importance to sites with unique content. This is because search engines require more information about a site which is provided in its unique manner. The more unique content you have on your website, the more it improves the web visibility.

There are many other off-page methods as well for increasing the web visibility and the ranking factors also have their own significance. Meta tags are very important since they provide a complete information about the page and its content. The most important of the off-page SEO techniques is building link popularity and the major way of doing so is through article submission. The top 10 ranking factors are important when determining the amount of link that you need to build for your site.

The importance of off-page Google ranking factors also increases if the site has a good content. A good content is what majority of people prefer to read on the internet. When they read your content, they find your site interesting and informative. In order to grab the attention of the readers, you must make sure that the content in the website is unique. The importance of unique content increases even more when the website is linked from off-page sources.

Another way of increasing the web visibility and the ranking factors is by ensuring that the usability of the website is perfect. SEO companies usually concentrate on certain things while optimizing a website. They focus on the user experience of the web page optimization to get a better result in the rankings. Thus, proper usability is very much important in SEO.