How Digital Marketing Statistics Grow Your Business Online


How Digital Marketing Statistics Grow Your Business Online

Marketing is a broad term that encompasses many things. However, perhaps the most important factor marketers consider when designing their marketing strategy is the state of the economy. As we all know, it’s a buyer’s market. Marketers need to do what they can to sell products or services, no matter what the economic conditions are like out there.

So how do you survive in a buyer’s market? Some marketers say you need to keep offering more value, be more personal, and offer more originality. And while these ideas may hold some water, most agree better marketing strategies are required. One of the best marketing practices for any market is personalization. According to consultancy firm Epsom Marketing, there is an average of eight percent of consumers who will switch vendors if they don’t get a personalized, unique experience. And some of these new strategies are really gaining popularity not just because they are new on the scene, but because they are reining in the growing influence of ecommerce.

When it comes to implementing personalization and digital marketing statistics, it’s best to utilize WordPress, which offers numerous plug-ins that let marketers create their own themes and interact with their target audiences in an engaging way. A well thought-out WordPress theme will be customized by a user with WordPress users who have mastered the software and know how to add creative and functional features. The more plugins a WordPress site has, the more accessible it is for Internet users.

Another key element in modern marketing is voice search. Voice search allows customers to search all stores, products and services all from a single place. The most popular plug-in for voice search is Chat Bots, which allows a business owner to connect with potential customers via live chat. If you’ve ever used Google Live chat, you’ve seen how helpful this can be. A business owner can use the chat bots to find their current customers, as well as cross-reference search result to see who the competition is talking about.

Social media is a huge part of the digital age, and social media penetration is expected to grow exponentially. One of the ways to grow your business online that is getting a lot of attention now is viral promotion. Viral promotion is when a person or an idea spreads like wildfire across the Internet. Viral promotion requires a specific plan of attack. To grow your business online and reach the largest audience possible, it is important that you hire a company that specializes in digital marketing statistics to implement and track your campaigns.

Hubspot was among the first companies to develop digital marketing statistics tracking. They have developed a proprietary program that analyzes market data to determine where your advertising is working and what ads are not working. Digital marketing statistics allows a business owner to develop campaigns that reach their audience with the most success. If a business owner wants to promote an upcoming event, video or podcast, they need to know what form of advertising will get the most attention and which will not. Hubspot offers a large variety of digital marketing options, including pay per click, pay per impression, cost per action, and cost per thousand impressions. The service also offers data from other companies to help create custom reports.

Fomo is another provider of digital marketing tools. Fomo utilizes the Weighted Opt in method, which means that the people who sign up to receive a free account are subjected to various marketing strategies based on their demographic information. Fomo utilizes data provided by market research firms to determine where you should focus your efforts. Fomo statistics tell a business owner exactly what kind of advertising is likely to bring the greatest amount of success. The company offers detailed reports as well as tutorials to help a business owner understand how to use their data to their advantage.

In order to grow your business online and attract new customers, you need to understand the tools available to maximize your business’s online presence. Whether you’re looking for an effective email marketing strategy or a digital marketing software tracking system, you need to grow your business online using the technology that is available to you. Explore the options available to you and make informed decisions about digital marketing statistics and how to best grow your business online.