How a Google SEO Audit Can Optimize Your Site

SEO Audit

How a Google SEO Audit Can Optimize Your Site

An SEO Audit is a method which evaluates your site’s performance when it comes to the current SEO best practises. Evaluation is usually carried out to a number of different areas of your site during an SEO audit. This includes competitor analysis. Competitor profiling allows you to learn more about what your competitors are doing to get ahead and improve your site.

If you run a dry cleaner then you need to be competitive in order to stay in business. One way to do this is to improve upon the current search engine optimization practices that your competition is using. The more efficient your site is when it comes to search engine optimization, the more likely customers are to visit it. A dry cleaner would benefit greatly from taking advantage of certain no-nonsense SEO methods, such as no-follow and no-link techniques. A dry cleaner does not want to waste resources advertising on websites that have no chance of being visited.

One of the best ways to optimize your site for the most Google-focussed keywords is to use a website optimizer. These programs can take the guesswork out of finding a good SEO content. They are designed specifically to determine where a potential customer will look for information. This will allow you to optimize your landing page and other important parts of your site to help you achieve Google’s rich results. This could drastically reduce your competition.

In order for your site to rank highly in local search results, it is vital to use Google local SEO. Google’s local SEO functionality allows you to tailor exactly how your web pages are optimized. It will also allow you to target specific areas of the country so that the traffic that arrives at your site is targeted.

If you haven’t yet begun to utilize local SEO services, there is no time like the present. There are so many benefits for getting involved with local search engine optimization. Getting your local business noticed online gives you a competitive advantage which can translate into increased sales and increased profits. A high Google local search ranking positions your business right where consumers are searching for local businesses, which is exactly where you want to be.

A Google SEO audit also helps to ensure that all links you have used are working. By having your links check by a professional, you know that the links are not outdated or have been replaced due to poor content. Google uses a complex system called the Google Quality Checks to determine the relevancy of each link. Using the NAP consistency rating, you can see at a glance which sites are relevant to you and which need to be changed to improve your ranking.

Google offers two different methods for checking the quality of your site. The first is called the on-page audit, which verifies that you are following best practices within the industry to promote your business. This includes using rich results and creating high quality content for users to navigate through. The second method is known as off-page, which verifies that your site is being optimized for the search engines. This involves building links from related websites, submitting articles to important directories, submitting press releases to local publications, submitting blogs to major directories and participating in forums and discussions on social media networks.

All of these things build up to one final goal. You want to reach the first page of Google results for your specific keywords. This process of SEO audits is designed to optimize your site to make it rank highly for those specific key phrases. The best part about it is that it allows local seo companies to provide you with the best results and ultimately the ability to generate more organic seeps.