How a Content Strategy Can Help Your Business Marketing Effort


How a Content Strategy Can Help Your Business Marketing Effort

New reality: Marketing starts with understanding your consumer segment. The Covid- 19 crisis has reinforced what have always been known: that firms must communicate in clear and local terms, targeting specific individuals according to their circumstances and what’s most important to them. New digital media and methods such as mobile apps and social media allow firms to reach people who are technically savvy, accessibly and looking for a solution. With marketing strategies that have become increasingly relevant and integrated, companies can find the best approach and the right information to share with their target audience. Trending strategies that help grow your business and promote it in new and untapped markets are easier than ever.

One of the most popular trends in recent years is content creation and publishing. Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries with informative and engaging content. Content creation is no longer the mundane act of creating informative articles or press releases and distributing it via email, but it is now fast-growing viral processes that can connect with fans and target potential leads with ease. When brands combine their unique content with social media marketing and distribution and create real connections through social media, they see an opportunity to drive traffic to their sites and drive up organic traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates. Social media allows marketers to connect with their audience in new ways and to create and publish content in engaging and informative ways that keeps their followers engaged.

Another trend to watch is marketers who are creating online magazines and newsletters that engage consumers and push them to consume content. Magazines are traditionally known as placeholders in the marketing cycle, but the latest research shows that consumers are now more likely to consume content created by marketers in magazines and newsletters. Consumers have grown used to receiving messages from marketers and when those messages are delivered as part of a newsletter, consumers are twice as likely to open and read the content.

Growth in subscriptions is also encouraging marketers to take advantage of text-based content in their marketing campaigns. Interactive mobile apps have tapped into consumers’ desire to stay connected and entertained with the information in apps. Marketers know that there’s nothing more enticing than hearing an engaging conversation with a trusted business partner. With consumers becoming more accustomed to using apps on their phones, marketers should use them to complement their other marketing tools and to create more engaging content. They can also help boost conversion rates as app-based messages can replace print ads and call-to-action buttons in emails.

Many online marketing tactics are also benefiting from the rise of social media. Social media allows companies to engage their audience in conversation, while building a large base of loyal customers who can be called upon repeatedly for product discounts, recommendations and feedback. Content marketing leaders can add valuable information to their audience and interact with them in meaningful ways. This not only helps establish trust in the brand and its product, but it also engages customers and creates long-term relationships.

The best content marketing strategy results come when consumers are able to easily interact with businesses. When shopping online, consumers want to know that the business has transparency in its product selections. Consumers love brands that openly showcase the choices available to them. This helps to build trust in the brand and a powerful social media presence. Consumers are also more likely to buy from a business that makes choosing their products easy and transparent.

Marketers have also capitalized on the ease of sharing images and sharing videos online. Images and video clips can easily go viral in no time. Adding clear images to marketing efforts can provide instant and highly relevant content that can encourage consumers to interact. If done well, a savvy marketer can take any given video clip and turn it into an informative and engaging blog post. Marketers can also make use of video blogs that offer users the chance to comment on and submit content.

Writing and publishing useful content is a vital part of any business marketing campaign. With the advent of the internet, consumers are becoming more accustomed to sharing online. Social media allows marketers to connect directly with clients while allowing for quick interaction. When executed well, blogs allow for a highly visible presence online while also allowing for an efficient marketing campaign.