Guidelines to Get Site ranked Higher in SERP

When it comes to making your website better, you have two good options: SEO and Black Hat SEO. What’s the difference? What’s the difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO (the old methods)? What can you do to get higher rankings with these methods?


Using Black Hat SEO has been the most popular strategy in the field of search engine marketing for quite some time. What’s more, this strategy was also very effective for a long time, but it gradually lost its efficiency after Google Panda 4. Google changed their algorithm in order to prevent websites using black hat SEO techniques. However, even after that, there were still a lot of website owners using these tactics because they didn’t find any other solutions for improving their ranking in the search engines.

So, in order to regain their rankings in the search engines, website owners turned back to the high-quality content SEO techniques that had worked so well for them in the past. They started to use link building, article writing, directory submission, social bookmarking and other high-quality content SEO strategies. The main goal of these strategies is to get high-quality links pointing to their website.

It seems that things aren’t going so well now, since there are still a lot of websites that have been blacklisted by Google. One of the reasons could be because they used Black Hat SEO techniques and were penalized. Google has now started to enforce stricter rules about SEO practices. In addition, there are also several blogs and online forums that discuss about the ways in which you can improve your seo rankings and make sure that your website isn’t penalized. This means that SEO practices are no longer left to the whims of SEO companies who try to outsource their work to people who just want to earn money by using black hat techniques.

It is true that some websites have been punished by Google and haven’t been able to recover even after months of hard work. However, there are also a lot of websites that have achieved top rankings after they used white hat seo techniques. You need to know how white hat SEO works in order to rank higher. As we mentioned earlier, white hat SEO techniques don’t entail any kind of black hat techniques. These techniques are very effective and help you achieve your goal of getting more targeted visitors to your site.

There are several guidelines higher ranking in SERP may require from you. The first one is that you should submit your website to major search engines. As we have already discussed, high rankings in the search engines would mean a lot of incoming links pointing to your website.

The second guideline is that you should conduct keyword research. Researching keywords is the most common thing you do when conducting white hat vs. black hat seo. If you do not perform keyword research, then you might miss some potential customers. In addition, research is an important part of SEO. This is because when you conduct a proper research, you get to know what the actual search volumes or the searches done by people are.

Black hat link practices involve creating links from sites with poor page ranks. These practices might result to loss of rank for your site. These practices are considered as spamming by Google and other search engines and you might lose your rankings. In addition, if you create tons of backlinks, Google penalizes you for overdoing it. Therefore, it is imperative that you engage only in white hat SEO link practices to avoid losing rankings.