Google’s Upcoming SEO Optimization Update May Has SEO Experts Shifting Gears

The latest search news from Google seems to have some people scratching their heads. Google has made drastic changes to how they display page names in the natural and organic search results, and the SEO community is in overdrive. But it looks like in some instances this is not going entirely as flawlessly as they planned. In fact, many SEO experts are wondering how Google plans on dealing with these new changes.

Well, first of all, let’s discuss what has happened so far. We’ve heard about Google bombing, or page beating by Google for certain keyword phrases on individual websites. In some cases the result was that sites were completely shut down by Google. Now that this is out in the open, what can we expect next? Are the algorithms changing again to benefit Google’s web content service?

This latest algorithm update was released along with Panda, the previous algorithm update. Google has basically taken the spam out of SEO for certain keywords. They are still looking at quality score in order to determine where your site ranks on search engines. And yes, they are making adjustments to SEO. But for those who have been beating the SEO drum for too long, this might be too little too late.

What does this mean for those who rely on SEO to drive traffic to their websites? It means that SEO news is a thing of the past, SEO experts are frantically working to fix broken links, and those who use SEO in automated SEO tools are panicking. There is even one SEO expert who stated that he will no longer use SEO and that he would start using twitter for his website’s PPC campaigns.

With all the changes happening with SEO, I have to say that my clients are happy. Because now when Google comes out with their latest updates, their web content index will more closely resemble the web content of traditional SEO. They will still need to tweak it to suit search engine algorithms, but the fact that Google acknowledges the value of SEO is good news for anyone who relies on SEO for PPC campaigns or any other type of SEO campaign. SEO experts are scrambling to figure out how to make the changes Google wants.

The sad part about the whole situation is that SEO has become very “sour” over the recent years because so many people depended on it. Those who relied on pay per click advertising and were unable to get their websites to rank high in Google’s organic search ranking algorithms have given up on SEO altogether. Some even stopped paying their SEO provider and resorted to pay per impression advertising instead. Others just quit the entire concept of SEO altogether. In fact, some have started promoting websites themselves because they feel like SEO was never worth anything in the first place.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Google doesn’t announce their next algorithm updates until July, so until then we just have to wait and see what Google has in store. I personally have a lot of faith in the power of natural algorithms, and although Google might make some changes in their personalization of search results (like no longer showing personalization options like IP addresses and cookies), the long term effects of the changes will be less than we think.

My suggestion? Stick with proven SEO techniques like content-rich sites, backlinks, and offsite optimization. These methods have been proven to give higher page rankings with relatively low cost. If Google thinks that the old SEO practice of using keyword rich pages to boost page rankings is outdated, they will probably make another algorithm update to counteract it.